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Filmed in Albuquerque, `Mall Cop` premieres for cast, crew

After a number of New Jersey mall locations fell through, Albuquerque – chosen for its varied scenery, off-beat vibe…

After a number of New Jersey mall locations fell through, Albuquerque – chosen for its varied scenery, off-beat vibe, state incentives and the cooperation of the New Mexico Film Office – provided what the line producer calls a perfect setting for Mall Cop, filmed entirely in New Mexico in 2003-04.

The invitation-only New Mexico premiere of Mall Cop will be presented by the New Mexico Tourism Department (NMTD) Sunday (May 8, 2005), 1:30 p.m., at the Cinema Cafe in St. Michael`s Village on St. Michael`s Drive in Santa Fe. Contributors to the premiere also include the Santa Fe Film Festival, the New Mexico Film Office and IATSE Local 480.

Over the past few years the New Mexico state government has put in place a number of incentive programs to attract film production, said William B. Steakley, line producer on Mall Cop. These incentive programs and the cooperation of the local film office were crucial in making principal photography on Mall Cop possible, in spite of a very limited budget. Except for the principal cast, the director, the line producer, and cinematographer, the crew of Mall Cop was hired locally in Albuquerque.

Mall Cop tells the story of Frank, who likes his job as a security guard for the Town Center Mall, until one night when a thief breaks in and Frank loses part of his arm in a freak accident during the pursuit. Six months later, Frank goes back to the mall, where he meets his replacement, a former punk-rocker, named Donna. Frank and Donna start hanging out at night, but things get complicated when the young girl who works in the record store develops a crush on Donna. Things get even more complicated when Frank, fed up with his job search and determined to get money to buy a new arm, decides he just might want to try to rob the mall himself.

The premiere is our way of saying thanks to cast and crew for all their hard work, said Ymelda De Vargas of NMTD. The film industry in New Mexico is growing by leaps and bounds, and it is important that we acknowledge these efforts.

Michael Cerletti, NMTD secretary, agreed and added, Thanks to film incentives, top-notch crews and incredible locales, New Mexico`s on-screen presence is helping create a huge interest in the state as a tourist destination. We are proud of our partnership with the New Mexico Film Office.

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