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Saflink expands partnership for registered Traveler Program to deliver security and services for travelers

Saflink Corporation provider of solutions for secure access, identity assurance and productivity…

Saflink Corporation provider of solutions for secure access, identity assurance and productivity announced an additional group of participants in a significant partnership to deliver frequent travelers expedited access to travel using a progressive financial instrument. The goal of the partnership is to provide a biometrically secured identity card capable of providing both assurance of a traveler`s identity as well as offering travel related benefits. The partnership intends to add a credit component to the card – to be named later – that would provide a vehicle for the first secure card to be used for identification, access control and credit.

Microsoft and Saflink are joined by Johnson Controls Inc. provider of facilities services, infrastructure and security systems at airports and other travel terminals; Expedia Corporate Travel full-service corporate travel agency; and ID Technology Partners, an expert in public credentialing and privacy. The partnership expects to announce their selection of a financial partner from several top tier candidates in the upcoming weeks.

This powerful team, in cooperation with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and airports, will work to offer improved Homeland Security and an expedited travel experience to participants across a large number of domestic airports. To join, participants will provide the TSA with voluntary personal information, which when combined with their biometric data, would supply the identity assurance elements that will then be integrated with

other benefits provided through an optional credit capability.

The partnership plans to deliver value to a market comprised of more than 38 million frequent travelers flying more than seven trips each year. Travelers with fewer trips would also be able to participate. The fee for use of this card and the program it represents is expected to be less than $100 annually per participant. With more than 38 million travelers in this powerful demographic, the market opportunity is $3 to $4 billion per year.

The team estimates more than 280 million trips are associated with this target group with travel activities generating an excess of $200 billion in travel related revenue for airlines, airports, hotels and other travel service providers.

During the initial phase of the partnership, the team plans to not only deliver on the needs of the Registered Traveler program, but also to supplement its solution by adding other travel offerings such as customized

travel services, discounts and premium parking. As the partnership matures and further develops the solution, the team plans to offer protection for identity theft and other forms of consumer credit fraud, expedited event

admission, as well as expansion into other forms of travel.

Frequent air travelers have continually called for efficiency and better productivity in travel. We believe this partnership will deliver these efficiencies, from the first Web logon to the point where travelers take their

seats. Their frequent trips and related spending patterns make them the most sought after customers of the airlines, ancillary travel service companies, airports and terminals themselves,
said Glenn Argenbright, CEO of Saflink. Saflink is pleased to be the catalyst behind this initiative which is an essential part of our strategy and business plan. This is extremely important to Saflink`s future and we look forward providing leadership for the team.