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Egypt’s tourism industry has shown positive signs in recent months which should result in an increase of foreign visitors according

Egypt made $7.5billion from tourism in 2014, with a significant growth of $1.6billion compared to the year before. Egypt’s minister

Minister of Tourism talks candidly about the country’s road to recovery.

The project will stimulate Egypt's tourism industry and grab greater international attention, as well as strengthening the Egyptian government's efforts

It comes a day after the government declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organisation.

While FCO advice now also allows travel to Cairo, restrictions still remain for travel along the Nile Valley between Cairo

74% of customers who answered the survey said that the recent troubles had put them off travelling to Egypt.

According to preliminary data, right now in Egypt there are 50,000 Russian tourists, of which more than half of them

The online travel agent will issue further statements throughout the summer holidays should the situation change however in the meantime

Tourists booked to visit Egypt this summer are equally reassured that there is no impediment to their visit. They will