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Aena awards the contract for the supply of electricity from 100% renewable energies

The purchase of 100% renewable energy to supply the airports is part of the company’s Climate Action Plan. Endesa and Iberdrola have been awarded for the next 5 years. Aena will be able to obtain its own renewable energy guarantees by commissioning.

Aena has awarded the electricity supply contract for all centres managed by the company to Endesa Energía SAU and Iberdrola Clientes SAU, for the next 5 years.

The purpose of this contract is to carry out the procedures related to the purchase of energy with 100% renewable energy certificates for the airports, as well as manage the production of the self-consumption photovoltaic plants that are gradually being incorporated into the airport network.

The electricity supply points have been grouped into 7 lots for awarding according to their geographical location. Endesa Energía SAU will supply the centres grouped into 5 lots, while Iberdrola Clientes SAU will supply electricity to the Low Voltage installations. The five-year fixed-price bid for the Región de Murcia International Airport lot is rejected on the grounds of being non-competitive and only this airport will be re-tendered.

*These amounts are those resulting from using the OMIP formula and price for variable energy contemplated in the Tender Specifications, applying to this formula the unit prices per MWh actually offered by the successful bidder (fixed price for 36% of the estimated consumption, variable price purchase coefficients for the remaining energy and energy sale management
coefficients for the estimated sale of surplus energy). The application of the above has led to the selection of the most advantageous bid for the 2024-2028 period during the tender process. They also do not include the amount for the cost of the distribution part, which is part of another contract and subject to regulated charges.


In this contract, a percentage of the consumption has been set at a fixed price for five years, in order to mitigate the risk of market volatility. The percentage finally selected is 36% of the total annual consumption in 2024. That percentage will increase as new photovoltaic plants come into service. This will stabilise energy costs, which will be reflected in lower electricity bills.

Another point to highlight is the promotion of renewable energies, both in the purchase of energy (through guarantees of 100% renewable origin) and by increasing energy self-sufficiency through its own photovoltaic plants.

Therefore, the purchase of 100% guaranteed electricity from renewable sources and the gradual start-up of new photovoltaic installations at various airports in the network will allow Aena, on the one hand, to obtain its own guarantees of renewable sources, accredited by the supplier and, on the other hand, to reduce the company’s high electricity expenses, derived from
the increase in the price of electricity in recent years.

This sustainable electricity is not only consumed by the activities of the airport terminals themselves, but is also supplied, through Aena’s own distribution network, to all the airport companies operating at the airports. Carbon neutral by 2026 and net zero emissions by 2040.

Aena is developing its Photovoltaic Plan in line with its Climate Action Plan, incorporated into the company’s Sustainability Strategy, which defines the actions aimed at decarbonising its airports. The company remains committed to energy sustainability based on clean and efficient technologies that reduce dependence on fossil fuels, by increasing the energy self-sufficiency of its facilities from renewable sources and by purchasing energy from renewable sources.

All of this with the ultimate goal of progressively reducing CO2 emissions to become carbon neutral by 2026 and reaching zero net emissions across the entire airport network by 2040.

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