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Bus travel from UAE to Oman: Your guide to Musandam, Muscat, Salalah

Discover the ultimate bus travel guide from UAE to Oman! Explore Muscat’s wonders, Musandam’s beauty, and Salalah’s charm. Your adventure awaits!

When planning to visit Oman from the UAE and opt for the peak season, you should be aware that you will have to pay a higher price, whether it is the flight or hotel you will be staying at.

While you can opt to save by opting to use a bus if you don’t own a car or have a valid driver’s license, more so, you don’t have to worry about documentation needed for cars entering Oman from UAE.

Suppose you are considering using a bus from UAE to Oman. In that case, the best option is that they are reputable travel agencies based in the UAE offering bus tours to Musandam, Muscat, and Salalah.

Oman visa requirements
UAE residents are eligible for an Oman visa on arrival, issued at the Oman border, and allows them to stay up to 14 days. You don’t have to worry about the visa when you book your tour to Oman with a tour operator because the visa processing cost is included in your selected package.

To save time, the tour operator applies for an e-visa in advance for you; thus will not have to wait at the border for an arrival visa to be processed.

Required documents

  • The following are the documents required to get an Oman visa on arrival for UAE residents:
  • A passport that is valid for at least six months.
  • UAE residency permit valid for a minimum three-month and a current Emirates ID.

Oman visa cost

  • UAE exit fee – Dh35. This fee has to be paid while exiting the UAE border.
  • Visa on arrival – 5 OMR (Dh47).

You must pay for the exit fee and visa on arrival for Oman with a credit or debit card while you are crossing the UAE and Oman border.

1. Musandam: The Norway of Arabia
Musandam, only a few hours from Dubai, is often called the “Norway of Arabia” because of its many steep fjords, or kors. A fjord is a narrow body of water that extends far inland and is very lengthy.

On your bus trip, visit the beautiful Musandam Peninsula, sometimes known as the “Norway of Arabia” for its breathtaking fjords and gorgeous scenery. The bus route takes you over some of the most scenic mountain passes, where you may enjoy the natural beauty around you.

Khasab is the capital of the governorate of Musandam in Oman. Khor Sham, a 16-kilometer-long fjord where you may take a full-day dhow cruise, is one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations.
When you arrive in Musandam, you must experience a cruise on a traditional dhow through the fjords, where towering cliffs plunge into pristine waters. Keep your eyes out for the playful dolphins that will give a magical touch to your trip as they swim beside the boat.

You may go on exhilarating snorkeling or scuba diving adventures in clear blue waters or hike over the mountainous landscape. Musandam is a diver’s paradise due to its colorful marine life.

You can be picked up from your home, or you may be asked to meet at a certain place, usually close to the company’s office. You can choose this option no matter which Tour Company you buy the package from. However, it depends on which Tour Company you buy the package from.

  • Time
  • The tour may take up to 6 Hours
  • Cost

The total cost of the tour package can range anywhere from Dh300 to Dh500 per person, although the price may be higher or lower depending on the tour operators with whom you book your excursion. The activities included on the package include a full guided tour on a dhow and activities, food, and transportation to and from the tour.

2. The magic of Muscat:
The capital of Oman, Muscat, is accessible via bus as well. A daily coach service is offered by transport firms in the UAE, although few tour operators offer packaged bus tours to this site.

Muscat, Oman’s capital, is an interesting mix of modern conveniences and ancient customs. You can see historic buildings next to modern skyscrapers and beautiful mountains and beaches on your way from the United Arab Emirates to Muscat on a bus.

The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is a great place to begin your exploration of Muscat; it is a stunning example of Islamic architecture, featuring beautiful mosaics and a gigantic chandelier made from Swarovski crystals.

Haggle for spices, textiles, and souvenirs in the bustling ambiance of the old Mutrah Souq, where the aroma of frankincense fills the air.

The Royal Opera House is an architectural marvel that regularly hosts international-caliber productions, and the Bait Al Zubair Museum displays an astounding array of relics from Omani history.

Tour operators told Gulf News that the journey takes about seven hours, give or take a few minutes if there is a lot of traffic at the border.

  • Time
  • Up to 7 Hours
  • Cost

A one-way trip will cost you Dh100. The precise amount, however, can change depending on the transportation provider you choose to make your reservation.

Because this is such a popular bus journey, travelers are strongly encouraged to purchase their tickets in advance and arrive at the terminal at least half an hour before the scheduled departure time. Seating on the bus is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

3. Salalah: Where history meets nature
You will also visit Salalah as you continue with the Oman bus tour from UAE. Salalah is the southernmost city in Oman and is known for its tranquil beauty.

More so, the environment of Salalah, which is famous for its lush greenery and monsoon season, contrasts sharply with the desert plains you may have seen on your journey.

Explore the area’s historic past by delving into the Al-Baleed Archaeological Park, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site and features ancient remains.

At the Frankincense Land Museum, you may learn about this precious resin that was formerly regarded as having a value comparable to that of gold. Here, you can discover the subtleties of how frankincense is produced.

Do not pass up the opportunity to travel to the magnificent Wadi Darbat. This natural wonderland is home to gushing waterfalls, lush hills, and many different types of species. The Khareef Festival, which takes place during the monsoon season, injects a splash of vibrant color into the city’s atmosphere by featuring traditional dances, music, and culinary delights from the area.

  • Time
  • Up to 18 Hours
  • Cost

A bus excursion to Salalah for two nights and three days, including a guided tour, hotel registration, visa application, lunch, drinks, and the bus pick-up and drop-off, would cost you roughly Dh1000.

Practical tips for your bus adventure

1. Visa requirements
Make sure you have the appropriate visa to enter Oman before you go. To avoid any last-minute issues, you should check your nationality’s most up-to-date visa restrictions.

2. Bus operators
Many reliable bus companies provide trips to and from Oman from various cities in the United Arab Emirates. Ensure you get your tickets early to get the dates and seating you want.

3. Travel insurance
Even though taking a bus is typically risk-free, it is still a good idea to have travel insurance that protects against unanticipated incidents and sudden illnesses.

4. Pack light
You’ll be doing much moving about, so only bring the necessities. Bring your identification, warm clothes, and a camera to record these unforgettable experiences.

5. Language
Although Arabic is the country’s official language, English is commonly spoken in tourist hotspots. It will be much easier to communicate with the natives if you know a few simple words in Arabic.

6. Respect local culture
Oman is well-known for its warm hospitality as well as its traditional culture. When visiting places of worship, it is important to respect the local traditions and practices and to dress modestly.

A bus trip from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Oman will introduce you to various landscapes, historical sites, and cultural practices. Muscat, with its modern attractiveness; Musandam, with its natural treasures; and Salalah, with its quiet beauty, each provides a new chapter in your trip story.