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Entrepreneurship abroad – Why Italian investor visa makes a great choice

After investing in Italy, you can stay here with a two-year investor visa. You can live and work in the country and get visa-free access to Europe’s Schengen area as well.

Entrepreneurs revel in challenges, and some want to go the extra mile by exploring opportunities abroad. Starting a new business in another country sounds like a daunting task, but it is an alluring proposition for some. Everything boils down to choosing the right destination. You need to look for a country with a big market, liberal tax laws, easy regulations for foreign businesses, and excellent growth opportunities. Italy wins on all fronts and offers more than you can imagine. The best part is that the Italian investor visa is easy to get, and here you can find everything about the process in detail. Let us explain why it makes an excellent choice for entrepreneurship abroad.

Multiple investment options
If you want to start a business in Italy, moving in through the investment route is a perfect idea. You will need hefty funds to invest, but it will not be painful as you get access to incredible business opportunities. Here are the investment options you can explore to get an investor visa.

  • An existing local startup- €250,000
  • A company incorporated and operating locally- €500,000
  • A donation supporting a public interest project in research, education, culture, heritage, or immigration management- €1 million
  • An investment in government bonds- €2 million

You need to validate that you own funds legally to invest in one of these options. A clean criminal record is an additional requirement.

Invest only after getting the visa
The process for an Italian investor visa is pretty straightforward as you only need to follow three steps to complete. It starts with obtaining a nulla osta or a certificate of no impediment from the Investors Committee for Italy. You need to provide proof of funds and a declaration that you wish to invest them in the country. It means you have to bring the money in only after you get the visa. After obtaining the nulla osta, you can get your investor visa by submitting the application and documents at the nearest Italian consulate. You can travel to Italy and get your temporary resident permit by completing the process at a local police station. At this stage, you will have to invest in Italy. It is definitely a less risky process for potential entrepreneurs.

Stay in Italy for good
After investing in Italy, you can stay here with a two-year investor visa. You can live and work in the country and get visa-free access to Europe's Schengen area as well. The visa also has extension options as long as you are willing to retain your investment in the country. You can extend it for another three years, after which you can apply for long-term residency. A stay of ten years in the country makes you eligible for naturalization in the country. It means you can stay here for good and fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams.

Acquiring a Golden Visa sounds easy, but it always makes sense to have an expert assisting you with the process. They can help you with the paperwork and formalities. Further, their assistance becomes even more crucial if you plan to stay here for the long haul with citizenship by naturalization.