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Flight plan: How travelers are attempting to minimize the impact of airport chaos

There are certain precautions travelers are taking whilst planning a vacation to minimize the damage, should delays and cancellations arise.

Holiday goers from around the world are experiencing significant delays at the airport and disruption to travel. Unpredictable weather, staff shortages and disruptions within the supply chain have all played a huge part in the surge of flight cancellations and travel chaos.

Whilst no one can control the weather or solve the various problems arising in the aviation industry, there are certain precautions travelers are taking whilst planning a vacation to minimize the damage, should delays and cancellations arise.

Savvy shopping
Cancellations and delays can cost, we’ve all seen the horror stories of people stranded at the airport with nowhere to go and nothing to eat. Having to fork out for a hotel or even an emergency meal for the family can prove costly, so before traveling people will look for offers or coupons that can be used in airport restaurants and cafes as a way to save a little cash.

Travelers will also attempt to cut down on costs when it comes to transfers or car hire as a means to further compensate for any potential financial losses. In addition to coupons for food and drink offers, holidaymakers can use voucher codes when looking to find the best car rental discounts. Hiring a car also means that if there are flight delays there’s no further waiting around for taxis or having to endure a long coach journey to get to the hotel.

Booking everything in one place
If flights and accommodation are booked separately, the airline holds no responsibility when it comes to accommodation bookings. This means that if the hotel can’t be reached because a flight is cancelled, a separate insurance claim needs to be made. If a hotel and accommodation are booked through a provider as part of a package, then responsibility for both the customer’s flights and accommodation lies with them, which can make it much easier to get money back for both, should things go awry.

Being aware of strike action
Before even googling flight times, it’s imperative travelers check to see whether there’s any planned strike action at their chosen airport. If the strike has already been announced before a booking is made, it won’t be covered by the insurance. Although customers may be entitled to compensation from the airline, the amount they receive may vary and often the process of making a claim can be a lengthy one. When it comes to insuring a vacation, it’s vital to have the best insurance policy suited to the needs of the traveler, especially when it comes to flight cancellations and delays.

Doing the research
Even the most well-researched travel plans can still go a miss but there are plenty of reports available to help find the most punctual airports and airlines. Whilst there’s no guarantee they won’t fall short on the day, seasoned travellers are aware that having a general idea of the airports and airlines to avoid is a good starting point!

Downloading the best apps
Passengers can download several great apps to keep them up to date with any potential issues which may affect travel. One of the most useful, however, is the one that’s specific to the chosen airline. We’ve all seen the images of the hundreds of people waving passports and tickets in the faces of harassed customer service operators but downloading the airline’s app won’t only allow passengers to keep track of what’s going on with their flight, but also offer the option to quickly rebook an alternative one without standing in line, should a flight be cancelled.

All the planning and research in the world can’t control the climate, predict the effect of geopolitics or determine when there’s going to be a break in the aviation supply chain. However, travelers who do all they can to prepare for the worst may find that their vacation is still salvageable or at least it will soften the blow knowing that they tried!

With just about every major city having an airport and the incredible ease with which we can book flights, it’s no wonder that despite all the chaos people are still deciding to choose flying as a preferred method of transport. However, with the number of cancellations and issues at the airport continually on the rise, it might be time to start looking for alternatives. Train rides through the mountains, cruises across the Keys or even the good old-fashioned American road trip are all great alternatives to taking to the skies. Maybe it’s about time we all try something new!