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Solo road trip tips: How to cover the long journey alone

It is crucial to consider taking the following steps before heading to your destination solo.

Solo road trips come with freedom, such as playing your favorite music, selecting the destination of your choice, and stopping every time you find that perfect scene to capture.

However, as fun as these trips sound, they could become challenging. Going solo means driving, navigating and traveling alone, which can be unsafe and daunting.

Thus, it is crucial to consider taking the following steps before heading to your destination solo.

Plan your route
We know you want to go wild on your solo trip, but planning is necessary. You can note down some major cities or attractions you want to cover and plan your rest stops and the route.

Planning will help you find the best route to your destination before you start the adventure.

Additionally, give the details of your plan to your friends or family and update them on your whereabouts. This will help you in case of any emergency.

Book accommodation
Now that you have decided on the itinerary, it’s time to book your accommodation. Pre-booking your place of stay is crucial while going solo, as most of the hotels on the highway get booked.

The last thing you want to do on a solo trip is search for accommodation late at night and end up at a shady motel. So search for rest breaks and overnight stops in advance.

While booking a place to stay, read the reviews, check ratings and ensure the location is in a safe place.

Prepare your vehicle
We know you’re all set for this exciting and adventurous trip, but what about your vehicle? While going on a solo road trip, it’s just you and your ride. Thus, it becomes crucial to take care of it lest it might break down and you may become entirely “solo.”

Before embarking on your road trip journey, visit a trusted mechanic to get your car checked. Ensure the fluids are topped off, the brakes are working fine and the cooling system is in good shape.

Moreover, you must invest in seat covers for cars & trucks to protect and maintain the condition of your vehicle’s interior. Make sure the car is insured and you have emergency roadside assistance numbers.

Pack wisely
While some people pack light, others pack a lot, thinking they have a whole vehicle to themselves. Although it’s a personal choice of how much luggage you want to haul, there are a few strategies to make packing easy.

First, categorize the items. Separate the things that might come in handy while driving, like cables, wipes, bandages or flashlights, from those that you might need only while camping, like hiking shoes, tents, etc. You can even pack a separate overnight bag for wallet, toiletries, and clothes you’ll need at the motel.

Driving on Route 66 at 1 p.m. can become monotonous, but if you combine it with some sort of entertainment, you’ll love every second on the road.

While driving long distances alone, it is crucial to avoid boredom as it can lead to sleepiness, which can result in accidents. You can listen to recent hits, podcasts or audiobooks while traveling.

You can carry a camera to record videos of the precious moments of your solo trip or maintain a journal to treasure the experience. Remember, boredom can force you to resort to watching videos or movies on the phone, but you must avoid that.

While exploring the world at your pace and on your terms, you must take a few steps to ensure your safety. Plan your routes, prepare your vehicle and reserve accommodations in advance to guarantee a fun and safe journey.