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ATME Conference: MEET THE NEW BOSS How to Survive and Thrive When Your Customers are Calling the Shots

Date: June 6-7, 2007

Venue: Red Rock Resort, Casino & Spa, Las Vegas
Website: ATME 2007 Travel Marketing Conference

Today, your customer is in charge of your company – at the top of your priorities, and at the center of your concerns. That customer is not like the old boss – and not like the old customer, either. These new consumers don’t care about your desires, or about the product you decide to push at them, or what you tell them to do. Instead, they are telling you what they demand – and if you don’t listen to their new marching orders, you’re history. The age-old marketing equation has been turned upside-down, and your organization needs to change. Specifically, you must re-examine, re-imagine and re-structure the way you develop, distribute and market your travel product. ATME’s 2007 Travel Marketing Conference will address this new reality…

  • With illuminating keynotes on trends and ideas from trendsetters.

  • With panels and breakouts on the crucial issues surrounding this new challenge.

  • And above all, with fresh vision, concrete concepts and practical advice on how to turn this historic shift to your company’s advantage.

You’ll learn why the age-old “push” approach is now ineffectual, and how to pull customers in via an ever-increasing number of channels, points of sale, brands, models and products. You’ll discover why this avalanche of choices can confuse and paralyze customers – with Forrester Research showing that one in five feel “overwhelmed” by travel-buying choices. And learn how to claim the top-of-mind position in this crowded marketing landscape. You’ll evaluate a new and crucial aspect of having the customer in control – the rise of consumer-generated content (CGM) as they post their opinions not just on grassroots sites but on corporate sites (Sheraton, Travelocity, jetBlue Airways) as well. Marketing is no longer something an executive or manager controls – in any business. That creates huge new challenges, because marketing is, inherently, about control – control of image, of message, of reputation, of product. So how must our industry respond? ATME’s 2007 Travel Conference is your best opportunity to discover the strategies for change that can transform your thinking, your competitive position and your bottom line. It’s also the best way to impress The New Boss.

In short, this is the one event that no travel marketer should miss