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Lopota Lake Resort & Spa unveils its new collection of eco-friendly design suites

Design Avenue Studio, the brand new complex features 45 spacious rooms and six design suites overlooking Lopota Lake.

KAKHETI, GEORGIA – Lopota Lake Resort & Spa, a 60-hectare (148 acres) family-owned resort nestled in the heart of Kakheti region of eastern Georgia, has unveiled its latest lakeside business complex of rooms and suites designed by David Koiava of Georgian architectural firm, Design Avenue Studio. Comprising 45 design-centric rooms and six suites, the brand-new and energy efficient two-storey building boasts a seamless design concept, intended to merge beautifully with its natural surroundings.

The main goal in the creation of this structure was to achieve harmony between the architecture, landscape and given infrastructure in the resort. Through the use of natural materials, an organic colour palette and clever use of vegetation, the reinforced concrete structure has been clad with pine and lined with plants, inviting the greenery to climb across the building’s facade and blend in with the environment over time.

Maximising the balance with nature, one side of the building spills out onto the lake, and the other is adjacent to Lopota’s seasonal vegetable garden and one of eight swimming pools. Every room in the complex features a spacious balcony, where guests can sit and soak up the views of the beautiful lake, and the impressive mountainous landscape that envelopes the resort. Championing sustainability, the property is finished with solar panelled roofing to maximise on renewable energy and support the resort’s sustainability goals.

The interiors of the new complex marry well with the property’s exterior, manifesting a cohesive design aesthetic of natural earthy tones and materials with the goal to create an overlay of nature within the architecture. Wood panelled walls merge into the linear oak floorboards, with sage green furnishings and decorative elements throughout. The bathrooms boast green tiled walls and smooth white surfaces, but the leading design element is undoubtedly the custom-made wallpapers designed by Salome Mamrikishvili and ID Vision that present different scenes of trees and vegetation.

David Koiava of Design Avenue Studio said, “The main goal in designing the building was to combine the architecture with the environment and the existing infrastructure. The property is located in an area of such outstanding beauty, that it was of utmost importance to us to ensure that the landscape remained uninterrupted, and to bring the outside in for a seamless and naturalistic experience for guests”.

With a robust environmental policy, the goal of Lopota Lake Resort & Spa is to maintain vegetation of 90% of the Lopota Lake Resort & Spa area, and create an example of safe human operations in nature through reducing adverse environmental effects. Some of the main initiatives implemented by the resort include a tree planting scheme to maintain and expand the vegetation, the care for forest plants on and surrounding the grounds, using eco-friendly electric cars on site and saving electricity through the development of a green economy with the most powerful solar power plant in Georgia located on site.

In addition to the new business development, Lopota Lake Resort & Spa is in the process of finishing a new property on the grounds with a new restaurant concept “IKE Asia Fusion”, an outdoor pool, professional tennis courts and small private lake. 

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