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The Apartment Network adds carbon-offsetting functionality 

Sam McMillen,
Sam McMillen, Director of Marketing & ESG, The Apartment Network

TAN is committed to providing its customers with information and the opportunity to make environmentally conscious decisions. While carbon offsetting alone may not be the solution, it can certainly play a role.

LONDON –  In response to the growing demand for sustainable practices in business travel, The Apartment Network (TAN) announces functionality that allows customers to include carbon offsetting for accommodations within its inquiry and booking process.

A recent survey by GBTA states that 92% of business travel professionals consider sustainability a top priority for their organizations.

“We’ve effectively offset our business travel and it made sense to offer our clients the same opportunity. We recognize that offsetting is not the sole solution, but it allows TAN to invest in the future, in renewable energy projects.” says Marcos Isaac, CEO, The Apartment Network

Adding this functionality follows a year-long process to track and offset carbon emissions associated with its own team’s business travel. While operating as a fully remote business, TAN recognizes the necessity of face-to-face meetings and attending industry events, underscoring the importance of offsetting associated emissions.

Sam McMillen, Director of Marketing & ESG says: “The more we do to reduce our carbon footprint the better, but there will be a point where we’ve done all we can but are still leaving a mark. We will hear more about purposeful travel in 2024. Deciding to travel less and to stay longer is a conscious effort to get real value from each trip and to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.”

Customers can be confident in the credibility of TAN’s carbon offsetting initiatives. All projects on the platform adhere to the highest standards, certified by national and international bodies. These include the Quality Assurance Standard (QAS) Approved, Verified Carbon Standard, The Gold Standard, and Clean Development Mechanism Approved Carbon Offsetting. The management of these schemes is entrusted to specialist partners with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications, ensuring peace of mind for all stakeholders.