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Can you still access your preferred online casinos if you travel to Russia or the Ukraine


With the chance to experience new places, new cultures and build long-lasting memories, getting away from it all is a great idea.

The travel industry is one of the most important to global economies and the financial health of countries worldwide. Although the last few years might have a been rough for the sector, people are now starting to head off on holiday once more.

This is no surprise when you think about what travel offers and consider that you might be planning your own vacation soon. With the chance to experience new places, new cultures and build long-lasting memories, getting away from it all is a great idea.

Two destinations which have been popular in the past are Russia and the Ukraine. Of course, many travelers not only want to see what these countries have to offer but also find fun things to do in their hotel room. Playing online casino games is a popular choice, but can you still access your preferred casinos online in these countries?

Can you access your online casino of choice in the Ukraine
In the same way as there are some great internet casino choices for Russian tourists, there are also some top online casinos in Ukraine to enjoy while there according to:

This includes some big names such as Stake, which you might prefer to play with at home. However, not all the major global brands are present in this market yet and not all accept players who are in this country.

This is not an issue though as there are plenty of fresh internet casinos available to enjoy while visiting here. It is also key to note that online gambling is fully legal in the Ukraine as of 2020. As a result, there are no legal barriers to accessing the internet casino you prefer while travelling in the Ukraine.

Russia-Ukraine war must be factored in
Of course, one issue which could affect your ability to access your online casino of choice is the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. This conflict is still rumbling on in some parts of the Ukraine and this means certain regions, such as Donetsk and Lugansk, are not safe for tourists. It also means that the internet in these regions may be down due to fighting, which would make accessing iGaming platforms impossible.

Parts of Ukraine which are currently safe for tourists should have no issues with internet access and should therefore be fine to access the internet casino you want from. Just remember to check the latest official guidance before visiting the Ukraine to stay safe.

Can you play at your casino of choice online in Russia
The situation in Russia is different than the Ukraine for tourists, especially from a legal standpoint. In simple terms, playing online casino games is not legal in the country and it is not legal to operate an online casino in Russia. Many people in the country get around this by playing at offshore casino sites though! While this is something you do at your own risk, it is one way of accessing online casino games while in the country.

But can you find the online casinos you prefer if you do head this route? This is actually easier than in the Ukraine, because heading offshore means you can access a greater number of the major brands you might usually play at, such as 888 Casino or LeoVegas.

Online casino play in Russia not without its issues
The Russia-Ukraine war has had its own impact on Russian iGaming. As in other sectors, some internet casinos may have a temporary block on players from Russia, in protest of the ongoing war. This could result in you being unable to play at your preferred casino while travelling there.

As with the Ukraine, you might also find internet access to be patchy if you stray too close to regions where fighting is taking place. If you check the latest official advice before leaving and only stick to destinations far away from any trouble though, this should not be a problem.

Playing online casino games in Russia and the Ukraine
With air traffic figures in June 2022 showing a massive increase from June 2021, it is obvious that people are enjoying jetting off on vacation once more. Russia and the Ukraine might be two places you consider checking out and enjoy casino games online at while there as well.

As the above shows, both countries have different views on online casino gaming and different rules around it. In addition, the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war needs to be factored in when deciding if playing at your preferred iGaming platform is still possible while travelling to either destination.

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

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