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Hong Kong offers visitors a ‘Cultural Kaleidoscope’ of attractions

The Hong Kong<.> Tourism Board (HKTB<.>) has extended its Cultural Kaleidoscope programme worldwide, at the…

The Hong Kong<.> Tourism Board (HKTB<.>) has extended its Cultural Kaleidoscope programme worldwide, at the same time giving it a new look and increasing the opportunities for visitors to delve deeper into Hong Kong’s rich diversity of culture and heritage.

Through the Cultural Kaleidoscope programme, visitors can join free classes on Chinese tea appreciation, antiques appreciation, pearl and jade grading and Chinese clothing, unravel the mysteries of feng shui and Chinese martial arts, and practise tai chi.

They can also take a guided Cantonese opera tour or a series of architectural and heritage walks, join a guided tour of The Hong Kong Story at the Hong Kong Museum of History, or sail Victoria Harbour on board the Duk Ling, a real Chinese junk.

Executive Director of the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), Ms Clara Chong said that whether it’s early morning tai chi practice or an unforgettable cruise on a traditional Chinese junk across Victoria Harbour, the Cultural Kaleidoscope activities are an easy and convenient way for visitors to sample the traditional side of Hong Kong life.

Ms Chong said that HKTB’s visitor surveys revealed that 27% of visitors stated heritage as one of their key areas of interest. Travellers are becoming more sophisticated and their expectations are also increasing. They are eager to experience and participate in traditional activities for themselves, she said. Complimentary programmes are offered on a daily basis leaving visitors free to set their own pace of discovery and select a particular cultural or heritage attraction that interests them the most.

Ms Chong explained that through co-operation and the generous support of the HKTB’s strategic partners, the programme is introducing visitors to intriguing elements of Hong Kong’s heritage and culture as well as creating opportunities for them to learn about the different aspects of everyday Hong Kong life.

Launched in late 2000 as a special campaign, the Cultural Kaleidoscope programme was originally tailored to appeal to the US and Canadian long-haul markets. Visitors who have participated in the various activities have consistently provided positive feedback. To make the itinerary accessible to visitors worldwide, the HKTB has increased the number of tai chi classes from two to four times per week and cruises on the Duk Ling from one to four times per week. The programme is now being promoted in all major markets.

By adding new elements to the Cultural Kaleidoscope programme we plan to expand the breadth and depth of our visitors’ experiences when they come to Hong Kong, Ms Chong said. Tourists may think they know a great deal about Hong Kong, but there’s more to discover than they ever realised. We want to provide something new, fascinating and a little unexpected for our visitors, and give them the chance to explore Hong Kong’s unique way of life for themselves.

Ms Chong pointed out that the age-old fusion of cultures and traditions is one of the most exciting aspects of a visit to Hong Kong, and a special quality that Hong Kong people are proud to share.

This programme promotes and nurtures culture and heritage while at the same time sustaining tourism development by making good use of readily available resources, she said. We cherish our traditions and develop them to blend with our modern lifestyle and cosmopolitan environment. Ms Chong said the broad range of activities offered in the Cultural Kaleidoscope programme was the ideal way for visitors to take advantage of local knowledge and expertise.

The Cultural Kaleidoscope activities are available to both groups and independent travellers on a first come, first served basis. Bookings and tour information on the different programmes are available from the HKTB Visitor Information & Services Centres at Central, Tsim Sha Tsui and Hong Kong International Airport.

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