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ClipperJet Inc. quickly establishing itself as the premier private jet experience

ClipperJet announced daily flights between Los Angeles and New York.

LOS ANGELES – ClipperJet Inc., North America’s premier private jet experience, announced the official launch of the company’s exclusive individual and corporate memberships between Los Angeles and New York. For a little more than the cost of one premium airfare ticket, individuals can enjoy the private, luxurious experience of air travel, free of airport congestion, long security lines and overcrowded commercial flights. Designed for individuals traveling frequently between Los Angeles and New York City, the ClipperJet experience cuts the overall travel time in half while still offering all of the same premium amenities offered by major airlines. ClipperJet employs its own ground staff and in-flight crew members to ensure every passenger’s needs are taken care of during the flight. ClipperJet’s aircraft fleet consists of Gulfstream IV (G4) twin-jet aircraft capable of making the transcontinental flight from Los Angeles to New York to in just over four hours. Additional city pairs will be added in the future. ClipperJet is different by design – Members can reserve up to four one-way flights per month and take advantage of unlimited standby travel. ClipperJet is the most cost effective way to travel for entertainers, business persons, frequent travelers and more.

“After spending many years in airplanes as both a pilot and a passenger, I am honored to announce ClipperJet Inc. has officially launched the brand and is now beginning to sell transcontinental memberships to what we feel is the real future of private, exclusive air travel,” said James Occhipinti, CEO, ClipperJet Inc. “We know there are several different business models out there for private business jet travelers but nothing like what we’ve created here at ClipperJet. For about the cost of one, round-trip premium flight from New York to Los Angeles, someone can buy a membership on ClipperJet and have twice the amount of flights in addition to access to an unlimited number of 24-hour standby flights each month. There is nothing like this available and we are very confident that business travelers and other frequent fliers who travel regularly between New York and LA will realize the amazing value and top-quality service that ClipperJet has to offer.”

ClipperJet has chosen the Gulfstream IV (G4) twin-jet aircraft because of its impeccable quality and safety record in private and business aviation. Each aircraft will feature a custom hand-made interior consisting of top quality fabrics and materials to provide each passenger with a 5-star concierge level of service. The check-in procedures and ClipperJet’s ability to fly faster than commercial airlines can reduce the overall travel time by up to five hours allowing professionals and other individuals to save a substantial amount of time. ClipperJet will also offer access to a variety of livery services, including limousine and town car services.

As part of the company launch announcement, ClipperJet has also debuted an all-new website to showcase their business model and exclusive flight experience at The website contains information about the aircraft, in-flight amenities, membership packages as well as several images of the aircraft and their interiors.