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ICTS Europe wins contracts to supply APIS+ solution

ICTS Europe Holdings B.V. – a wholly owned subsidiary of Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide – launched an innovative solution…

ICTS Europe Holdings B.V. – a wholly owned subsidiary of Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide – launched an innovative solution for meeting the U.S. Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS) “final rule” requirements, also referred to as APIS+. Along with the regular APIS information, APIS+ stipulates that all airlines flying to and from the United States must send the American authorities two additional fields of data.

In Britain, ICTS Europe has deployed more than 70 mobile units with its APIS+ for all U.K.-based charter airlines flying to the United States. These mobile units are designed to enhance the efficiency of flight operations while meeting both old and new U.S. government requirements. ICTS Europe won these contracts for its APIS+ system against strong competition, including renowned international information technology service providers.

Along with ICTS Europe’s extensive experience and understanding of airline security requirements, key advantages of its APIS+ include integration of security applications – such as passenger travel document validation and the “Search and Match” system – as well as cost efficiency and greater flexibility compared to competing solutions. “Our modules create an attractive platform that can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of all airlines, from traditional scheduled carriers to charter airlines. In the future, ICTS Europe will continue developing these modules in line with client-specific demands and changing market requirements,” said Zamir Eldar, ICTS Europe’s chief executive officer (CEO).

During the past year, ICTS Europe has implemented its Comprehensive Passenger Processing Method (CPM) in close collaboration with airline clients. This innovative platform, which belongs to ICTS Europe’s FlyingPass product family, allows information to be processed and merged from multiple sources like regulators, airline reservation systems, and numerous databases. CPM produces clear and instant indication for security, immigration and administrative processing of passengers. The system can be used with PDA devices (personal digital assistants), fixed and mobile check-in systems, as well as passenger self-serve kiosks.

ICTS Europe’s CPM is a fast, simple and user-friendly system that assists in complying with regulator’s requirements as well as with data protection policies. It manages e-ticket security issues and integrates easily with external systems such as departure control systems (DCS) and public e-mail networks. Currently, ICTS Europe’s CPM client base includes several U.S. carriers and it is servicing over 25,000 flights per year at more than 28 locations in Europe. “CPM positions us as a leading player in the market for passenger security processing systems and its impressive success over the past few months is greatly due to our understanding of our client’s operational needs,” said Eldar.

To focus on developing new security offerings, ICTS Europe established its own research and development (R&D) and support center in London last year. This R&D center fully leverages ICTS Europe’s leading technologies and solutions, as well as its in-house experience.

“With the establishment of the new R&D center, we take another step forward in addressing the specific needs of our aviation clients and are better positioned to capture the huge opportunities presented by the aviation market with a complete portfolio of cutting-edge passenger-related technological solutions,” added Eldar.

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