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Uber Vouchers: Businesses could pick up the tab for your next trip

The Uber for business (“U4B”) team began beta testing Vouchers late last year across a diverse group of retailers, restaurants and services, with over 100 global partners.

Uber is launching a new way for businesses to pick up the tab on your next Uber trip. Vouchers makes it easy for businesses of any kind to sponsor transportation for their customers. Brands can use Uber Vouchers to create a differentiated customer experience to attract new clients or support loyalty and service for existing customers.

“With the introduction of vouchers, Uber’s goal is to unlock an additional growth lever for businesses by creating an innovative way to bring customers to their door or wherever they need to go,” stated, Ronnie Gurion, General Manager and Global Head of Uber for Business. “As companies look for new technology and novel ways to engage with consumers, Uber Vouchers provide a perk that businesses know their customers will use.”

The Uber for business (“U4B”) team began beta testing Vouchers late last year across a diverse group of retailers, restaurants and services, with over 100 global partners – including TGI Friday's, Live Nation, the Golden State Warriors, MGM Resorts, Sprint, Freshworks and Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield. Westfield malls, for instance, are using Vouchers to help provide their guests and visitors best-in-class customer service, including convenient, hassle-free transportation solutions. Uber is now adding new partners, including Allstate, to broaden the program.

While restaurants are already leveraging the Uber Eats app to reach more consumers with delivery, Vouchers now creates an opportunity to promote dine-in experiences by removing barriers to get to their physical location. Uber Eats restaurant partner, TGI Fridays has been using Vouchers in just this way and is now partnering with the Uber platform both for delivery and ridesharing to create a curated experience for its customers.

“We at TGI Fridays are excited about launching Uber Vouchers as it will provide another opportunity to ensure we are  taking care of our guests who are enjoying our great bar experience and providing them a safe and responsible travel option back home,” stated Ray Blanchette, Chief Executive Officer of TGI Fridays.

In the event and entertainment space, consumers now have options to stay-at-home more than ever before so offering customers added convenience is key. For organizations like and the Golden State Warriors, Vouchers provide an appealing way for venues to bundle their offers, or provide a loyalty perk, and make it easier for consumers to attend events and improve their overall experience.

Companies who already offer customers transportation such as shuttle services or rental cars, be it in the hospitality sector or in the insurance space, can also make effective use of Vouchers. The feature delivers a real-time and seamless solution to provide consumers with additional choice and flexibility in their transportation, while also reducing operational processes and costs for their business.

For MGM Resorts, Vouchers offers a consumer-friendly means to facilitate travel between their various properties, restaurants and shows. The global reach of Uber’s brand means that MGM can rely on Uber Vouchers to offer local or international customers with transportation regardless of where travellers call home. Vouchers can help reduce wait-times by providing an on-demand and asset-light means for businesses to get their clients from point A to B.

Thanks to the customization available with Vouchers, businesses can use this new feature in targeted ways that support specific business goals. Sprint’s Accessibility team, offers Uber Vouchers to blind and low vision customers who switch or upgrade their plan with Sprint. Given the importance more mobility options have for this group of customers, Sprint believes this offering drives positive outcomes that can differentiate their brand.

Businesses can sign-up for Vouchers by visiting U4B’s Guest Services team is available to support businesses as they use and integrate this new offering. Companies can create customized Voucher campaigns and programs within a specified budget, set pick-up and drop-off locations, and an established time for an offer. All details can be tailored to an event, promotion or service. Businesses can send vouchers to their customers through email, social media and mobile messaging. When a rider redeems a Voucher, it is added automatically into the Payment section of the rider’s Uber app until it expires.

In addition to a web-based tool, there is also an Uber Vouchers API available. Uber is currently working with Freshworks on an API integration into their platform so they can leverage vouchers across their suite of solutions. Freshwork will make use of Vouchers to help drive customer engagement and incentivize employee performance.

“Freshworks is always looking for innovative ways to help our customers offer the best possible experience. We see a wide number of use cases for Uber Vouchers to incentivise Freshworks users and increase loyalty of their customers,” stated, Anand Venkatraman, VP, Global Partnerships, Freshworks.

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