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More airlines join ERA to fight the disastrous effects of COVID-19 on European aviation

The new airline members include: Aircompany Armenia, Air Mediterranean, Cyprus Airways, Ellinair, Georgian Airways, Orange2Fly, Sevenair, Stobart Air and West Atlantic.

Nine more European airlines join ERA (European Regions Airline Association) strengthening the message that the industry needs to join forces to lobby for exceptional measures during these unprecedented times to ensure aviation will survive and remain instrumental in rebuilding the new European economy once we move to recovery.

The new airline members include: Aircompany Armenia, Air Mediterranean, Cyprus Airways, Ellinair, Georgian Airways, Orange2Fly, Sevenair, Stobart Air and West Atlantic.

As borders continue to remain closed and aircraft are grounded across the globe, the collaborative work of the aviation industry has never been more important. Recognising this, nine airlines have joined airline association ERA to utilise its strong collective voice, bringing the total number of airline members to 61. This comes following several weeks of active lobbying initiatives by ERA on behalf of its 200+ members in an attempt to mitigate the disastrous effects of COVID-19.

Montserrat Barriga, ERA Director General, says: “The situation is like nothing we have ever witnessed before, not in our lifetime or indeed our industry’s history. It’s at times like this that we need to come together to ensure our future and that of air transport globally. Solidarity has never been more needed, and we are pleased to welcome all of these new carriers to ERA, who agree we have a better chance to survive these challenging times by working together as one. Europe needs to acknowledge that aviation will be instrumental in its economic recovery, and paramount in the weeks and months to come in reuniting families and friends with their loved ones by providing vital connectivity.”

Comments from ERA’s new airline members:
Stobart Air “Stobart Air are pleased to join ERA, particularly at this present time. Now, more than ever it is important to be part of a strong, united association which represents the key regional airlines and partners in European aviation. Stobart Air looks forward to engaging as a proactive member of ERA to address the challenges being faced by the industry.”

Cyprus Airways“We are excited we have joined the ERA family. ERA represents the European aviation community, providing essential support and protecting the interests of its members. We are looking forward to working all together to solve the issues and challenges that affect the European aviation industry.”

West Atlantic – “We are pleased to join ERA under these unfortunate circumstances with COVID-19, enabling a common agenda and voice for the air cargo industry in Europe.”

Georgian Airways“Georgian Airways is very happy to become a member of ERA as we appreciate the work and support that this organisation provides, understanding airlines’ daily challenges and issues. The aviation industry has grown all over the world and with that so does the amount of work for the airlines. It is a very sensitive and challenging industry, yet a very interesting and dynamic one. Georgian Airways has true aviators with love and passion for aviation in its core management team and looks forward to sharing knowledge and experience with more aviation professionals in this organisation.”

Air Mediterranean“We are delighted to be joining ERA as this will give us the opportunity to work together with other airlines and institutions as part of their key networking activities, share experiences and learn from each other. As part of the association, Air Mediterranean will have the power of one strong collective voice, representing multiple businesses, to protect our common interests by promoting a healthy, safe and growing European regional airline market industry. Especially under the current extreme circumstances we are experiencing globally with COVID-19, together with ERA we will surely overcome the huge economic repercussions aviation is facing.”

Sevenair"Sevenair is very pleased to join ERA at a time of so many uncertainties. We've been operating in Europe and Africa for more than 30 years and we expect to be around for some more. The current market outlook is not the most favourable to the industry and everything we can do as a group rather than standalone operators will give us all a better position when negotiating with local or international stakeholders. ERA provides us a platform to do exactly that. We will survive this crisis and be stronger and better prepared than before. Adaptability is a key factor for regional operators such as ourselves and if we intend to continue expanding and thriving after this period we will all need an integrated vision and strategy that ERA can for sure provides us all."

Aircompany Armenia – “Aircompany Armenia is a small airline company based in Yerewan that was founded in 2015. The airline is proud to announce that it has become a member of ERA and hopes to get more insight, knowledge and information from the organisation and other airlines, which will help us in daily business and to grow wisely as an airline. We appreciate ERA for helping small carriers have a voice in this world.”

Ellinair“We are delighted to have joined ERA, one of the most dynamic and active organisations focussed on European regional transport. Ellinair operates from a large number of regional European airports into Greece and together with parent company Mouzenidis Travel supports tourism which is the backbone of the Greek economy. We look forward to working with ERA to support the industry in these challenging times.”

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