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10 things to do in Rome

There are many historical places to see and know in the City of Rome (you can walk to most of them). Here are some, very shortly described with the eyes of an expert tourist.

#1. Piazza del Popolo
Located at one end of Via del Corso, takes the name of populos, the town that occupied this area in the Middle Ages. A curiosity of this round square is that the walls are hollow. If one person stands at a fountain on one side and another at the entrance where the wall ends, on the other side, it is possible to hear each other perfectly. Plus, there also is a staircase to go to one of the most interesting parks in Rome: Villa Borghese.

#2. Piazza di Spagna
The staircase of the square has become famous for the haute couture shows it has hosted over the years, and at its bottom is the world renowned Barcaccia fountain. The staircase of the square has become famous for the haute couture shows it has hosted over the years, and at its bottom is the world renowned Barcaccia fountain, surrounded by streets dotted with prestigious fashion designer shops. One of the best things to do here is to sit on the stairs and watch the sunset while eating a slice of pizza or ice cream. At foot distance you can find:

  • Via Veneto, Glamorous Street in the centre of Rome. Here you will find luxury hotels and restaurants.
  • Piazza di Trevi, where the Trevi Fountain is located. A large fountain and a must-see when going to Rome. Tradition says that if a coin is thrown backwards the return to the city is guaranteed.

#3. The Colosseum, the Forum and the Palatine
This is an entertainment centre of ancient Rome located in an area with ruins of the Roman Empire. You have to pay the entrance fee, but it includes the Colosseum and the Palatine Hill and is really worth it. On one side of the Colosseum is the Arch of Constantine, one of the most famous and beautiful, not to be missed. Behind Piazza Venezia and next to the Colosseum are the ruins of the Senate and the Roman Forum. One can picture, with great imagination, the daily life the Romans led in Ancient Rome. There are many monuments that have been altered and rebuilt over time, giving an idea of the splendour this area has known throughout history. At foot distance, don’t miss the Church of San Pietro in Vincoli: in this small church is Michelangelo's Moses. As in all the churches of Rome, you must enter dressed with decorum (shoulders covered, long skirt or trousers…).

#4. Piazza Navona
It is an oval square with three marble fountains, an incredible masterpiece. Here you can often see performances of art theatre and painting. It's full of restaurants and pizzerias with terraces, where it's really nice to dine after dark (though not too affordable).

#5. Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin
This church is famous for being home to the legend of the Mouth of Truth, an ancient marble mask in the portico, also known for appearing in the movie "Roman Holiday", where Cary Grant pranks a frightened Audrey Hepburn by pretending his hand is trapped. The legend states that if you put your hand in your mouth and tell a lie, it gets trapped. The relics of St Valentine are kept in this church, which is nonetheless an
impressive site.

#6. San Giovanni in Laterano
It is Rome's cathedral, the first of the four major papal basilicas and the oldest and most important basilica in the West. On the east side of the square is the Scala Santa (Holy Stairs), which, according to tradition, is the stairway by which Jesus climbed to the house of Pilate.

#7. Trajan's Forum
After climbing the stairs of the Imperial Forum, you can see this smaller one on the right. There are also the ruins of the market where you can see the shops of this impressive multi-storey shopping center from Roman times.

#8. Campo de’ Fiori
Small square located near Piazza Navona. Its name originates from the fact that a flower market is set up and it gives the square a typical air of a corner of old Rome. Currently you can find not only flower stalls but also fresh fruits, handicrafts, artists performing their work live and small shows.

#9. Piazza del Campidoglio
Redesigned between 1534 and 1538 by Michelangelo, it is a square located a few metres from the basilica of Santa Maria in Aracoeli, on the top of the Campidoglio hill in Rome. Michelangelo designed every detail of it and decided to make it point no longer towards the Roman Forum as before, but instead towards St Peter's Basilica, which represented the new political centre of the city. At the entrance of the square you will find amazing sculptures and on the floor of the square, if seen from above, you will see precious details that resemble a flower.

#10. The Vatican, the St. Peter's Basilica (with the tombs of the Popes, including that of St. Peter and John Paul II) and the Vatican Museums
The Vatican is an independent sovereign state embedded in the city of Rome. There is currently a tacit border agreement between Italy and the Vatican, which basically consists of completely abolishing border controls between the two countries and allowing free transit. Therefore, any documentation valid for visiting Italy is also valid for visiting the Vatican City, under the same conditions. In the Vatican is St Peter's, the famous place where you will see Pope Francis, standing by the window where he prays the Angelus every Sunday. While you're in Rome, a visit to the Vatican Museums, which includes entry to the Sistine Chapel, is essential.

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