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Are meal plan subscriptions worth the cost

We’ve created a guide on if meal prep delivery is actually worth the cost (spoiler alert: they are).

In recent years, meal plan subscriptions have been rapidly gaining in popularity. It seems that every week a new one seems to hit the market.

With the amount of meal plan subscriptions available, you can get one to appeal to any dietary requirement. There are ones for families, vegans, and people who are on a gluten-free diet.

With everyone raving about these subscription plans, we’ve created a guide on if meal prep delivery is actually worth the cost (spoiler alert: they are).

They provide good recipes
The main appeal to meal plan subscriptions are the recipes provided. Deciding what to eat is one of those daily choices that is harder than it should be.

A meal plan subscription provides you with the recipe to make that day and everything you need to do so. You also get the recipe on a card so that you are able to make it in the future if you enjoyed it or give it to a friend to try.

When making meals for ourselves, we tend to get stuck in a rut of making the same meals over and over again. Having a recipe provided gives you the opportunity to try new foods that you would’ve never done before.

The recipes are specifically designed to give you a balanced meal of nutrients, something that is not easy for a lot of people to figure out.

The recipes are also flexible so you are able to cater to dietary requirements and allergies. This makes it especially easy for people who struggle to find food they are able to eat.

Considering the rising costs of meal plan subscriptions, it’s worth exploring alternative options such as a free meal planning app that provides a budget-friendly yet efficient way to organize your meals without compromising on quality and convenience.

No grocery shopping
By having all of the ingredients you need delivered to your door, you do not need to go to the grocery store. This is a huge weight off people’s shoulders if they do not enjoy going out in public or don’t have the means to get to a large supermarket. Some people also do not have the time to go to a grocery store.

Not going grocery shopping can also help to save money. When you go shopping, the desire to impulse buy other items is high since they are all on display. With a meal plan subscription you know you are getting exactly what you need and nothing more.

Less food waste
Meal subscription plans give you pre-portioned ingredients so you get no food waste. Too often a recipe calls for 1 ingredient and you have to buy it in a pack of 4 and the other 3 go to waste.

Less food waste also helps the environment as you are sending less stuff to landfill sites.

Early concern about meal plan subscriptions was the amount of packaging that was in them. Over time these subscriptions have gotten better and have started to use recycled materials in their services.

The recycled nature of the packaging and the help to reduce food waste allow for meal plan subscriptions to be a very sustainable choice.

Often source organic ingredients
Since meal plan subscriptions pride themselves on the food and recipes they provide, it means they only use good quality ingredients.

Most subscription companies work directly with farmers so that they get the freshest ingredients for their customers.

Having organic ingredients sent to you is also beneficial as sometimes they are relatively hard to find and you have to go to specialty stores or farmers’ markets to get them.

Flexible plans
Some people are put off by meal plan subscriptions as they don’t eat a home-cooked meal every day. Sometimes they go out for a meal or they order food in.

Most meal plan subscriptions are very flexible in when you can have their product ordered, some even let you change the days in advance.

Most meal plan subscriptions work on a per-meal charge rather than a monthly or annual one. This means that you only get meals delivered when you want them.

Some people choose to have them multiple times a week, whereas others only do it once or twice. It is completely flexible to your needs.

Final thoughts
Not only are meal plan subscriptions great for convenience, but they are also fantastic at teaching you cooking skills and widening your pallet.

They offer you a stress-free cooking experience (no matter your cooking abilities) and a delicious meal at the end.

Due to the amount of competition for meal plan subscriptions, they cannot afford to be sub-par so no matter what one you get you will have high-quality ingredients and thought-out recipes.

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