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Seven fun and interesting hotels around the world

A hotel can be much more than just a bed for the night – here’s our pick of some of the most interesting, quirky and entertaining hotels across the globe.

A hotel can be nothing more than a place to rest your head and stash your things while you enjoy your vacation. But it can also be an integral part of the experience, and with these hotels you may never get round to any sightseeing at all. Here’s a glimpse at seven of the most fun, unusual and entertaining hotels around the globe.

1. Harry Potter Hotel, London
OK, the real name of this hotel in the English capital is Georgian House, but most people know it by its famous inspiration. If you fancy a night at Hogwarts, it doesn’t get much closer than this. Three rooms have been lovingly decorated to emulate the look and atmosphere of the famous wizarding school, complete with house crests, fireplaces and countless magical details to bring the spirit of the book to life. An absolute must for Potterheads. 

2. Taj Lake Palace, India
Magical in a different sense, the Taj Lake Palace in India’s northern state of Rajasthan will transport you back to a time of emperors. This ancient marble palace floats serenely on a lake, accessible only by boat, and all guests are treated like royalty when they arrive. One of the most dreamy and luxurious hotel experiences in the world.

3. The Venetian, Las Vegas
This is a truly remarkable hotel, bringing Venice to Vegas in astonishing detail. The centrally-located hotel has recreated key landmarks from the famed Italian city, including a replica of the Grand Canal, where guests can take a ride in an authentic gondola and glide beneath the Rialto Bridge. The only thing that feels less than authentic is the crystal blue of the water.

As this is a top Vegas hotel, the entertainment and facilities are also second to none. The opulent casino is a highlight, accessed via one of the grandest hallways you’ve ever seen. The Venetian casino is the very definition of Las Vegas glamour. For the best live roulette experience, brush up on your skills before you go by visiting a site like

4. Hotel de Glace, Canada
There’s no need to travel all the way to Scandinavia to experience an ice hotel, as there’s one in Québec City. A truly ethereal and unforgettable experience, a stay at the Hotel de Glace is a must if you’re a fan of hot tubs, skating and cocktails served in glasses made of ice. You can even use the hotel as your wedding venue – just make sure your guests wrap up.

5. Giraffe Manor, Kenya
This is the hotel that brings the safari to you, minus the lions and other more dangerous beasts. The hotel is an authentic stately home from the 1930s, and the grounds are populated by a resident herd of giraffes who are friendly enough to share breakfast with the guests. 

6. Kelebek Cave Hotel, Turkey
In the Cappadocia region of Turkey is a landscape straight out of a fairy tale. Volcanic activity in the area formed other-worldly pillars of hardened ash, labelled fairy chimneys, and these have been carved out into dwellings of this stunning 36-room hotel. Despite being over a thousand years old, the hotel is fitted with modern amenities, all while preserving the enchantment of the ancient caves. If you’re staying here, a hot air balloon trip above the chimneys is not to be missed. 

7. V8 Hotel, Germany
Car fans will be keen to visit Stuttgart with its automotive history, and what better place to stay than the V8 Hotel? If you haven’t slept in a bed shaped like a car since you were a kid, this is the hotel for you. Visit the Porsche and Mercedes Benz museums, before coming back and relaxing in the quirky and well-appointed car themed rooms.