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Sabre to support the recovery of corporate travel with NDC content in GetThere


Expanding traveler choice and flexibility by launching NDC offers in corporate booking solution.

SOUTHLAKE, TEXAS – Sabre Corporation announced the launch of NDC content in GetThere. The new capabilities allow corporate travel managers to offer more flexibility and choice to their travelers. 

Business travelers can now select policy-compliant NDC offers in addition to traditional content, as well as add hotel and ground transportation elements in a unified shopping flow. Corporate travel agents also have the ability to fulfill, ticket and service NDC bookings through point-of-sale solution, Sabre Red 360.

As the blending of in-person and virtual workforces accelerates and companies define new travel priorities, NDC supports the creation of more travel options tailored to a company’s needs. NDC expands corporations’ access to innovative, policy-compliant content and strengthens traveler confidence by supporting the sharing of more information, such as health and travel policy guidelines.

We are very pleased to move from pilot to general launch of NDC content in GetThere,” said Saunvit Pandya, Senior Director, Product Management, Sabre Travel Solutions in charge of customer touchpoints. “The availability of NDC through GetThere demonstrates our commitment to broadening access to leading content for our customers, no matter how they want to connect to us: through APIs, through Sabre Red 360, and now through GetThere. Our customers’ needs are evolving, and activating NDC in GetThere gives more flexibility to navigate the new normal.”

As foundational NDC workflows are completed, the industry discussion turns increasingly toward airline retailing and demonstrating value to corporations. Activating NDC content in GetThere indicates Sabre’s commitment to equipping customers with products ready to support evolving marketplace dynamics,” commented Kathy Morgan, Vice President of Channel Delivery, Sabre Travel Solutions.

While corporate travel has been significantly affected the by COVID-19 pandemic, there have been signs of recovery in the travel industry. In this environment, providing travelers with content choice and flexibility will be essential.

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