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Trusted ways to increase hotel guest satisfaction


With a good hotel guests experience, you are sure to have positive reviews about your services on social media and referrals.

A hotel stay can be an exceptional experience for your guests if you make guest satisfaction your priority. You have to meet the various guest expectations, requests, and preferences. Hotels can offer an exceptional experience through excellent customer service, high-end amenities, and even personal touches.

With a good hotel guests experience, you are sure to have positive reviews about your services on social media and referrals. Besides, guest satisfaction can keep your business ahead of the competition, increase customer loyalty and retention, and improves ranking. The following strategies will help you deliver excellent services and improve the guest experience.

Post-booking interaction
Send a follow-up email to connect with your guest before the hotel stay. The interaction will give you the chance to get information about guests and offer extra services like dinner reservations to them. You can also present upsell offers to your guests. Communicating with a guest after booking strengthens your business reputation. It also reveals your commitment to providing excellent services to guests.

Personalize your services
Guests will feel appreciated and more welcomed if your team satisfies their demands and preferences during their hotel stay. Get personal information about each guest’s preferences and share it among the hotel departments. Providing a good hotel guest’s experience begins with understanding your guests and figuring out their needs. Then you can plan how to satisfy those needs.

Find out the context of each guest’s travel. It will help you to understand the customer better. The needs of leisure guests are quite different from their business counterparts. Guests are likely to become loyal when they feel that your staff know them and offer them the best services. Besides, your team can confidently interact with guests when they have their personal information.

Sensitivity to guest’s needs
The best tools for a memorable hotel experience are your team’s ears and eyes. Train your staff to be sensitive to the needs of the guests. They should focus more on providing solutions to your guests’ problems. Incorporating feedback from guests will help them to improve their services and meet the demands of the customers.

Use of game-changing technology
You can implement modern technology in guest rooms to enhance the hotel experience. The smart room keys enable guests to open doors to their hotel rooms with just a swipe of a smartphone. The technology used by the staff to communicate with guests can also improve customer satisfaction. Travelers can make requests in their room using tablets and get a swift response from the staff.

Also, the use of software for hotel operations can help your staff to work effectively. Such tools can help them send information through Messenger or SMS, create guests’ profiles, and track their requests. Exploiting the advanced hotel technology will not only improve guest’s satisfaction, but also staff productivity.

Address feedback
Guests’ feedback gives you an insight into their perception of your services. Staff-guest interactions give your team the opportunity to inquire about travelers’ experiences in your hotel. It is necessary to address both positive and negative reviews from guests. The hotel management has to provide effective solutions to the concerns of the guests.

Addressing online reviews can help improve your reputation. Besides, online reviews play a significant role when travelers search for hotel accommodation. Your responses to online reviews indicate your commitment to providing exceptional customer services. Besides, it will make your guests feel that you valued their opinions.

Offer complimentary services
Your guests will be delighted when you offer them complimentary services and freebies when during their hotel stay. It will improve their loyalty to your brand. Guests can promote your business via word-of-mouth referral if they are pleased with your services. They may even share the memorable experience they had and the extra free services on social media.

Practice proactivity
Never wait for a traveler to arrive at your property before you plan for a memorable hotel stay. Reach out to the guest after the bookings. You can gather the information that will help you to personalize the guest’s experience during the conversation with the person. If a guest is traveling with a baby or children, you can set up a crib or leave some toys in the room. 

Services that meet a traveler’s preferences will create an excellent first impression. It is necessary that your staff should figure out the expected requests and preferences of each guest. It will come as a surprise to a traveler if the person’s preferences were met without any request. If the individual is a return guest, you can make up for any complaint during the last stay.

Appreciate repeat guests
Customer loyalty and retention are crucial to the success of a hotel. Recognize repeat guests and give them rewards in appreciation for their loyalty. You can offer discounts or free extra services. Besides, discounts on their special days such as anniversaries and birthdays will show that your brand values their patronage.

Great customer services
Hotel guest satisfaction can’t be achieved without excellent customer service. However, an employee’s experience influences the services the person renders to guests. Train your staff to consistently and efficiently deliver stellar services. The excellence of your team greatly contributes to hotel guest satisfaction.

Offer an inclusive exceptional hotel experience to all guests. You should consider how the operations, services, and even the building of the hotel can accommodate aged and physically challenged guests. Besides, utilizing multiple channels of communication will help enhance guests’ satisfaction. 

Travelers can use their smartphones to send voice or text requests to hotel staff. In addition to effective communication, swift response to requests can improve hotel guest’s experience. The best hotel reward programms produce loyal customers. With this new expansion comes better profits.

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