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Luggage free travel encouraged by Airlines

BAA reports an increase in Christmas travel as a total of 3 million people are…

BAA reports an increase in Christmas travel as a total of 3 million people are  set to use their seven airports during the Christmas week, with luggage forwarding services such as First Luggage truly beginning to take off. The average family going abroad over Christmas lugs the equivalent of one and a half fully grown male reindeer on holiday, surely baggage they would rather avoid carrying to the airport, queuing to check in and waiting anxiously for at the carousel.

These statistics are released as airlines announce plans to charge for each piece of hold luggage. From February, Flybe will charge travellers for each item carried in the hold, instead raising the allowance for hand luggage – Ryanair has already revealed similar plans to encourage passengers not to check in luggage. Rival airlines are poised to follow suit, saying they can save millions in costs of getting baggage on to planes and improve turnaround times. Flybe, which flies 5.3million passengers a year, estimates the move will save up to £3.5million annually and allow increasingly lower ticket prices. Ryanair estimates a similar move would save them around £170 million.

Ever increasing numbers of bags are already being sent ahead, enabling First Luggage to pass savings on to its customers – a suitcase can now be sent to Germany in very low price, or to the USA – a saving regarding last year. With increasing excess baggage charges and security worries, more holidaymakers than ever are choosing to travel luggage free – whether it`s suitcases, skis for the upcoming season, dive bags, golf clubs or prams. First Luggage is for everyone who wants to ensure their holiday experience starts before they even leave home with their state-of-the art door to door luggage delivery service.

Gideon Kasfiner, Director and entrepreneur behind First Luggage, comments: “`The Luggage Airlines`, such as First Luggage are really coming into their own as airlines begin to charge for checking in luggage. Services such as ours have been viewed more as a luxury than essential to date – but this is a huge step which means the concept appeals to consumers even more strongly. Airlines specialise in getting the consumer where they want to go, but we are the experts in transporting their luggage around the globe. Winter breaks are made much more enjoyable when you don`t have to lug your skis and suitcases full of presents.”

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