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Amazing locations to consider if you’re longing to move abroad


Moving to another country can be stressful but at the same time liberating and fun. If you are planning on emigrating then give the nations here some consideration. If they do not interest you then do your research and find somewhere that is of interest.

Composer and author Paul Bowles once said that “One belongs to the whole world, not just one part of it.” Sadly the average person never realises this and spends their entire life fixed in one place, sometimes never travelling more than an hour from the town or city that they grew up in. If you are interested in living a life of adventure and seeing more of the world than just your small corner of it, why not relocate? As long as you have something to offer most countries will accept you as a temporary or permanent resident. Here are some great locations to consider:

Canada is a country located in North America, north of the United States; the nation’s history is just as interesting as America’s but it is often overlooked. One of the most vibrant cities in Canada is Montreal, the nation’s capital. If you are interested in moving there then find professional real estate agents in Montreal so you can conduct remote viewings of properties and find one that’s perfect for you as until you have accommodation arranged you may not be able to get a visa. After all, having a place to stay in is one of the prerequisites of a comfortable life.

In the introduction to this post, Paul Bowles was quoted. Paul Bowles spent over half of his life living in Morocco, Tangier specifically. Many other aesthetes and bohemians moved to Tangier around the same time, including William S. Burroughs, Christopher Gibbs, and Peter Hinwood. The Rolling Stones were known to frequent Tangier on occasion too. While Morocco’s days as a retreat for the hedonistic have faded it is still an incredibly interesting and diverse country with reasonable immigration laws. Moving there is a good way to experience a place that is unlike anywhere else on the planet.

The United Kingdom
The United Kingdom is not the easiest country to emigrate to; however, it is one of the most fascinating places on the planet. At one time in history, this small island ruled over a third of the earth due to its strong navy. History abounds in every corner of the United Kingdom. At one time it was ruled over by the Romans and their remains can be seen today. The City of London’s borders is actually marked with a Roman wall. You can find similar walls in St. Albans, Bath and many other parts of the country.

If you currently live in Europe’s Schengen zone then you can emigrate to any other Schengen zone country without acquiring a residency permit. Spain is a member of the Schengen zone along with France, Germany, and a whole host of other countries. Spain is a great place to start a life, as it is affordable, vast and has a diverse climate. Property prices in some parts of Spain are very cheap which makes it a good place to go for people who are short on money and do not want to have to pay extortionate prices for groceries, property and energy bills.

Brazil is an interesting part of South America. In many places, it is very European. Some cities of Brazil are inhabited by the descendants of Germans. Others are populated by Civil War veterans’ families as after the American Civil War there was an exodus of soldiers to South America. Moving to Brazil is not easy if you live in Europe, as it is on the other side of the world. Despite how difficult it can be to move there it is a fantastic place to live and is unlike anywhere else. The weather is good, the people are friendly and the food is fantastic.

Photo by Damaris Isenschmid on Unsplash

Argentina is another South American country you might want to consider moving to. The reason Brazil and Argentina have been named specifically in this post is that other parts of South America are extremely dangerous, sadly. The drug trade is prominent in parts of South America which makes it an inhospitable place for travellers, foreign or domestic. If you are planning on moving there then stick to the safe countries like Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Argentina’s immigration policies are reasonable and the system is not hard for travellers to navigate.

South Africa
South Africa is located on the southernmost tip of the African continent as you can probably tell. At one time the nation was occupied almost exclusively by the Boers, a Dutch ethnic group. Later it became a British colony and then won its independence. However, when the nation got its independence it introduced an apartheid system which made life for indigenous Africans and those of other ethnicities very difficult. Fortunately, this system was overthrown and now South Africa is a multiracial paradise with beautiful weather, great beaches and amazing wildlife. It is somewhere everybody should visit at least once.

Algeria is a stone’s throw from Morocco. The nation is not as popular with travellers due mainly to the fact that it can be dangerous in places. Algeria experienced a series of uprisings and religious conflicts in the 1980s and ‘90s. It has never really managed to shake its reputation for being dangerous despite the fact the last decade or so has been largely peaceful. Despite the country’s reputation, it is safe and Algerian people are warm and welcoming. Visiting Algeria is a great way to experience Arab and Berber cultures, mixed together. The country is very easy to get a visa for and property prices are insanely cheap.

Ireland can be found just off Great Britain’s west coast. Not many people emigrate to Ireland due to the fact that the nation’s citizenship laws can be somewhat difficult to navigate. If you do manage to get citizenship for the United Kingdom however, then you will be able to work and live in Ireland without notifying the Irish authorities. This is because Ireland and the United Kingdom have an agreement whereby residents can move between the countries freely as was once allowed when Ireland was part of the United Kingdom. If you want to become an Irish citizen then you will have to have something to offer, i.e., a trade or educational background.

Moving to another country can be stressful but at the same time liberating and fun. If you are planning on emigrating then give the nations here some consideration. If they do not interest you then do your research and find somewhere that is of interest.

Main photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash