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The new rules allow for a sound Schengen governance, based on clear and transparent European rules that will make the

Commission urges Belgium and Greece to proceed with ratification of the agreement with the Western Balkans on a Common Aviation

EU public-private Smart Move High Level Group provides recommendations on “doubling the use of collective road passenger transport” to save

As a part of the process the European Aviation Safety Agency uniforms the rules of issue of the ATCO licenses

Among the Member States, the highest numbers of outbound holiday trips in 2011 were recorded by residents of Germany (73

EU public-private Smart Move High Level Group meets to finalise its policy recommendations to double the use of collective passenger

Knowing the 112 number helps people in difficulty. From findings of a recent Eurobarometer survey, it is estimated that 5

In the event of cancellation of a flight, the air carrier is obliged, under EU law, to provide care to

In order to face the challenges presented in European Airports, the European Parliament will debate next week on a comprehensive

European Airports face a caparcity problem, and with aviation being one of Europe's most competitive sectors, this issue needs to