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Coping with negative travel advisories

Bangkok, Thailand – The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA<.>)
has released a paper called Living With Government Travel

Bangkok, Thailand – The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA<.>)

has released a paper called Living With Government Travel

Advisories: Maximising Gain, Minimising Pain

A travel advisory is an official warning issued by a country to its citizens

about the dangers, real or perceived, of travel in a specific foreign land.

The report's author, Mr. David Beirman, argues that it is vital for

national tourism offices to understand how governments formulate advisories.

"In managing the impact of travel advisories it is equally important for

tourism authorities, especially when based in a foreign country, to identify

and establish an ongoing relationship with those who actually formulate

government travel advisories."

The report says that if a cordial relationship is established in peaceful

times, this will benefit the destination when it faces a crisis.

The report also argues that government information gathering is an inexact

science. Travel advisories are often researched and written by overseas

embassy staff who rely on personal experience, local and foreign media

reports and, only in some cases, on field assessments. When there is no

embassy or consulate, information gathering may be based on second-hand

reports, some of them inaccurate.

Accordingly, it is vital for tourism officials in a destination to create an

ongoing relationship with embassy officials representing the source country.

Mr. Beirman, the founder and inaugural Chairman of the Eastern Mediterranean

Tourism Association (Australia) and executive board member of ANTOR

(Association of National Tourist Offices–Australia), also says that some

governments deliberately issue harsh travel advisories to show political

disapproval of a destination's policies.

However, a national tourism office can turn the tide with good embassy

relations, by issuing alternative press releases, by direct counter

broadcasts to tour operators, airlines and insurance companies, by posting

honest security updates on its Web site, by proposing alternative security

solutions for travellers, by inviting foreign journalists to see what the

situation is really like, and by working closely with regional tourism


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