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Five best places to visit in spring: Vacation ideas for two

Discover the 5 best places to visit in spring and invite your partner to an unforgettable journey. The best romantic destinations are inside.

Spring is an ideal season to hit up some of the sweetest vacation spots on the globe. Before the summer rush kicks in, you can usually enjoy comfortable weather, smaller tourist crowds, and budget-friendly prices on hotels and flight tickets. Using traveler feedback and expert assessments of factors like weather, number of visitors, and events, we have compiled the best places to visit in spring in one place. Check out our top picks for spring vacation spots with your partner and choose the perfect destination for your romantic ventures.

Where is the best place to travel in spring

The hottest spots for your romantic vacation are available worldwide. All you need to do is select the place that may fulfill your expectations. If you are engaged in cross-cultural relationships, for example, with a Ukrainian single woman, blend your likes and dislikes to decide on a destination that caters to both of your tastes. Check out the best places to visit in spring break and get inspired for a new, memorable trip.
Porto, Portugal

If you are on the lookout for the best places to visit in Europe in spring, consider Portugal and its northwest city, Porto. This city is infused with romantic settings and fascinating historical attractions that will create a special atmosphere for your date nights. Aside from distinctive architecture, Porto is renowned for its production of port wine and unique cuisine, so visiting the local cozy restaurant is a must. Once you walk across charming, narrow streets in the historic district of Ribeira, you will definitely get closer to your significant other.

Top spots to visit in Porto for couples

  • Ribeira District. Enjoy picturesque views and the old-fashioned atmosphere of the promenade along the Douro River.
  • Crystal Palace Gardens. This is probably the best place for a romantic picnic with a breathtaking panorama.
  • Port Wine Cellars. If you have never tried port wine, local port wine cellars will certainly be a perfect addition to your romantic dates.

Asheville, the US

In case you want to discover the best places to visit in spring in USA, this city in western North Carolina will be the perfect place for new romantic endeavors. The scenic beauty of the streets downtown, picturesque mountains, and authentic restaurants—this is just a glimpse of what Asheville can offer for your love getaways. This city offers a lot of interesting activities. so you will certainly have something to impress your soulmate with.

Top spots to visit in Asheville for couples

  • Hot air balloon ride. If both of you are adventure-seekers, this might be the go-to venture during your trip to Asheville.
  • Biltmore estate. Take the hand of your partner, walk across lush gardens, and enjoy the unique architecture of the largest privately-owned home in the US.
  • Grove Park Inn. Starting with spa relaxation for two and ending with fine dining — you will certainly find the right activity for your date in this location.

Kyiv, Ukraine

Whether you want to meet women in Ukraine or you just want to enjoy a captivating vacation full of different activities, pack your luggage and go to Kyiv. The capital of Ukraine offers multiple settings for flirty date nights. Beautiful parks and gardens, diverse restaurants, unique architecture—there are so many things to enjoy in Kyiv. If you are a single traveler and want to get acquainted with pretty Ukrainian women, you will be pleasantly surprised by their friendliness and hospitality.

Top spots to visit in Kyiv for couples

  • Andriyivsky descent. This location is steeped in mysterious scenery and old-fashioned glory. Galleries, cozy cafes, and fairs saturate it with romantic charm.
  • Lover’s Bridge is a symbol of romance in Kyiv. You can also adorn it with a love lock to bring an additional dose of positive emotions to each other.
  • Explore the historic architecture of the city. Kyiv is well-known for its historic gems, so walk around the city center and enjoy its overall appeal.

Palma-de-Mallorca, Spain

The Balearic Islands, and Palma-de-Mallorca in particular, should definitely be on the list of the best places to visit in spring. The perfect blend of historic charm, Mediterranean chic, and captivating views makes it a top spot to visit for couples or aspiring love-seekers. Here, you can combine active and passive leisure while enjoying dates that leave an unforgettable impression.

Top spots to visit in Palma-de-Mallorca for couples

  • Cala Major Beach. The sandy shores of this beach will enchant you and your partner. It is a perfect place to organize an active day by the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Old Town in Palma. Have a walk across the narrow paths of the Old Town and explore flair squares, historical landmarks, and local restaurants.
  • Rooftop dining. There are numerous bars and restaurants in Palma. Ask your partner out for dinner with candles and enjoy a sunset that etches into memory.

London, the UK

London is bustling all year, so you may plan your visit to this city when the greenery in the city’s numerous lovely parks and gardens is in full bloom. This UK city is full of romance, timeless charm, and old-school grace. Here, you will refresh your relationship and get inspired for new achievements.

Top spots to visit in London for couples

  • Thames River tour. Organize a romantic stroll along the Thames during the sunset and take in astonishing vistas at such spots as the London Eye and Tower Bridge.
  • Westminster Abbey. Explore this iconic cathedral together and share mutual impressions. You will certainly like this place and its distinctive vibe.
  • Pubs. Numerous historic pubs in London offer an exclusive environment and have a matchless tone. Have a couple of drinks together and enjoy each other.

Summing up: Which country has the best spring season

Before choosing the top spot among the best places to visit in spring, you should consider the expectations of both you and your partner.

While the world is full of unforgettable landmarks with distinctive ambiance, it is still necessary to consider such factors as budget, proximity, and anticipation. So, with our guide at hand, choose the best location to visit in spring for two and enjoy your romantic dates to the fullest.