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The ultimate one-day guide to Malaga


If you are thinking of travelling or you are going there soon, this ultimate one-day guide to Malaga is perfect to help you plan and prepare for this trip.

Spain is known for its bustling and fun atmosphere. This is something that applies to all Spanish regions regardless of whether they are autonomous communities or not. Malaga is a vibrant and elegant city in Andalusia, specifically in the Costa del Sol coastline, and it attracts visitors like crazy. If you are thinking of travelling or you are going there soon, this ultimate one-day guide to Malaga is perfect to help you plan and prepare for this trip.

What is the best season to visit Malaga?
Malaga is a great destination to travel to in all seasons. Depending on your plans and preferences, you should choose the right season for you. Spring and autumn are perfect if you want to avoid overcrowded places and overpriced tourist services. In summer, Malaga is full of life and people as the weather is warm and perfect for swimming in the sea or going hiking. If you are not a huge winter lover, you will love Malaga during that season as temperatures are mild and there is a lot of sunshine.

How to get to Malaga

By air
The easiest and fastest way to get to Malaga is by plane. The modern and well-maintained Costa del Sol airport accommodates flights from all over the world and functions as a proper international hub.

How to get around Malaga

Even if you don’t like walking, you should wander around the cobblestone streets of Old Town and explore the Soho district. This is the best way to get to know, to see and to feel the heartbeat of the city.

Public transport
If you want to travel from one spot in the city to another fast, you can use buses or the underground. Most tourist attractions, such as the Gibralfaro Castle, are accessible by means of public transport.

Car hire
Many travellers choose to hire a car for their trip in Malaga because it gives them the freedom to explore the Costa del Sol region or Andalusia in general. If you have got a car, it is very easy to go on a day trip to Ronda or Marbella.

Where to hire a car in Malaga
There are many firms in Malaga that offer hire cars in great condition for visitors to pick up at the Costa del Sol airport. Holiday Cars helps its users to make the right choice by allowing them to see a wide array of available vehicles, to compare prices and to make their booking online. By seeing all the offers and deals of trusted car hire suppliers operating in Malaga in one place, each traveller can easily spot the best choice for them. Holiday Cars aims to save you time and money in order to spend them on your travels.

Must-see attractions in Malaga
Malaga is a city rich in history and culture. One day is not enough to see everything, but you can see enough to understand how special it is. You should definitely visit the Malaga Cathedral, the Carmen Thyssen Museum, the Picasso Museum and the Alcazaba Fortress.