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Unveiling tranquillity: Safest places to visit in the UK

In certain more remote parts of the country, you’ll enjoy a much safer break.

The UK is among the safest countries for travellers in the world. A recent report by Which? Travel placed the UK twenty-fourth overall, and just second in the list of road-traffic safety.

Of course, all of the risk tends to be concentrated in the bigger cities. In certain more remote parts of the country, you’ll enjoy a much safer break – and the sense of seclusion and tranquillity that goes with it.

Rural retreats
The countryside provides a safe haven for travellers. The UK is home to some truly spectacular tracts of green space. For picturesque, quaint little villages, bounded by hedgerows, you might take a trip to the Cotswolds. If you’re looking for a landscape that’s rugged, untamed, and vertiginous, you might head for the Scottish Highlands.

Historic havens
The best-preserved historic towns in the UK also tend to rank amongst the safest. If you’d like to explore the events that have helped to shape these Isles, therefore, you can expect to be safe while you’re doing it.

Bath, for example, is a city that brings together historic charm and modern security. You’ll find the legendary Roman baths here, built on a natural hot spring. The general vibe of the city is one of historic beauty, largely thanks to the uniform nature of the buildings here.

York is a city that offers many of the same virtues. There’s the famous cathedral, York Minster, at the heart of it. But it’s the famous walls that arguably played the more important role in the security and safety of the city’s residents.

Coastal comfort
The United Kingdom is an island nation, and so many of its most compelling resorts and destinations are to be found along the coastline.

St. Ives, for example, is a coastal gem that provides a winning combination of safety, seclusion, and surf. Here, you’ll be able to relax on the beach, taking in the sound of surf.

Travel just a few hundred miles east, and you’ll come upon Bournemouth, which is much more of a bustling port town.

The atmosphere here is family-friendly and inviting, and it makes for a safe and secure seaside break.

Cultural capitals
What if you’d prefer a trip through a major city? The chances are good that you won’t run into problems – and on the rare occasions that you do, a good no-win, no-fee solicitor will help you to claim any compensation to which you’re entitled.

There are a few candidates which stand apart thanks to their safety.

In 2016, Edinburgh was named the second safest city in the country, with more than three-quarters of the locals willing to greet strangers on the street. The culture here is vibrant, and there are plenty of landmarks to explore, too.

The Welsh capital, Cardiff, is inviting for different reasons. There’s a wealth of culture here to be explored, alongside plenty of modern amenities.