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6th eTourism Futures Forum 26 – 27 March 2007, Guildford, UK

Date: 26th -27th March 2007

Venue: School of Management, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK
Website: 6th eTourism Futures Forum

Exploring the Information Communication Technologies Revolution And Visioning the Future for the Tourism, Travel And Hospitality Industries

Course Director: Dr Dimitrios Buhalis

Information Communication Technologies (ICT) and the Internet continue to revolutionised the tourism, travel and hospitality industries. Increasingly they are becoming part of the mainstream distribution mechanisms for the entire sector. Innovative ICT adopters expand their market share aggressively by improving Customer Relationship Management as well as by managing their partner relationships dynamically. The high degree of concentration in eMediaries through mergers and acquisitions means that effectively very few international organisations increasingly control global travel distribution. Disruptive technologies, such as Internet telephony and pervasive connectivity through WiFi-enabled Cities also change the way that organisations communicate with consumers, collaborate with partners and organise their internal operations. Not only have operational and strategic management and marketing of both private and public organisations had to adapt to the realities emerging through technology, but also most organisations have to dramatically alter their business model and address elements of their competitiveness.

The 6th eTourism Forum aims to bring together leading professionals and academics with researchers and eTourism students in order to visualise the future of tourism, travel and hospitality organisations and to explore factors for innovation and success. The Forum adopts a strategic approach and examines the anticipated changes in technology and the opportunities and challenges for the tourism industry of the future. The latest advancements in the Internet and digital technologies (eFutures) will be debated and their strategic implications for the industry structure will also be discussed. Participants will be asked to debate on effective eBusiness strategies for each sector of the industry and for the industry as a whole. Innovative technology management methods and best industry practice will also be introduced, providing knowledge for participants to manage and market tourism products and destinations in the emerging electronic marketplace. The European Commission eBusiness W@tch will also be presented and tourism will be benchmarked against other industries.

The event seeks to reinforce the view that innovative and successful organisations in tourism, travel and hospitality will be using technology to maximise the value added to their products, to enhance profitability and improve their competitiveness. It also aims to enable participants to identify the main drivers of change and to supply them with tools to enhance the future competitiveness of their organisations. Hence this Forum encourages all participants to “put their thinking caps on” in a non-commercial environment and to reflect on the tourism industry of the future. The academic environment of the University of Surrey will allow commercial operators to debate critical issues and to identify areas where University research can contribute to developments. Speakers and workshop facilitators will include leading professionals and researchers in eTourism. The emphasis of the Forum will be on interaction and discussion rather than presentations.

To ensure that there is maximum interactivity between participants and presenters a minimum number of 10 and a maximum number of 40 participants will be allowed.

Please book early to avoid disappointment.

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