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New Green Pearls partner The Birkenhof ***** Spa & Genussresort

The Birkenhof ***** Spa & Genussresort
The Birkenhof ***** Spa & Genussresort

The Birkenhof 5* Spa & Genuss Resort is located in the charming landscape of the Upper Palatinate Lake District in Bavaria.

Green Pearls welcome the Birkenhof Genussresort & Spa with its restaurant “Eisvogel” as not only another sustainable 5-star hotel but also a 2-star restaurant in our network.

The Birkenhof ***** Spa & Genussresort: Sustainability in all Areas

Situated in the heart of nature in the Upper Palatinate Lake District, the Spa & Genussresort is committed to preserving this unique landscape for future generations. To this end, the hotel strives to find environmentally friendly solutions in all areas. This ranges from generating its electricity with solar panels, wood gasifiers, and combined heat and power units to a zero-waste philosophy and promoting biodiversity through a natural swimming pond and rich planting.

Wellness and Culinary Delights – A Place to Enjoy and Indulge

Guests at the Birkenhof ***** Spa & Genussresort are spoilt for choice. Many travel here especially for the 2-star “Eisvogel” restaurant, where hotel guests always get one of the coveted seats. The restaurant was opened together with the hotel by senior manager Hubert Obendorfer. During the Corona years, he handed over the management of the restaurant to his son Sebastian Obendorfer. Much to the surprise of the gastronomic world, Sebastian Obendorfer immediately hit the ground running and, like his father before him, was awarded two Michelin stars.

His cuisine is all about conjuring up sensational dishes from regional and down-to-earth (organic) ingredients from the Bavarian region. This is achieved through ingenious combinations and a constant flow of new ideas. Following the example of molecular cuisine, the chef pays particular attention to the texture of the dishes. One of Sebastian Obendorfer’s regional creations is char with fennel, raspberries, and verbena.

After a visit to the spa area with its various pools and saunas, a meal like this is the crowning glory of a truly relaxing day. Add to this the wonderful views of the lake landscape and a stay at Birkenhof is simply unforgettable.

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