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Arabian Travel Market 2001: The presence of Air Malta

Air Malta<.> Group employs around 2000 employees-and owns various companies and entities, including a 49% shareholding in an Italian-based airline…

Air Malta<.> Group employs around 2000 employees-and owns various companies and entities, including a 49% shareholding in an Italian-based airline, AzzurrAir, a wholly owned subsidiary holiday company, Holiday Malta, incorporated in the U.K. and various other airline and tourism related services companies. It is a private limited company with Government of Malta being the main shareholder. Present fleet consists of 13 Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

Air Malta in the Gulf is responsible for sales and operations in the Gulf Area with its Area office located in Dubai. It also has representative offices in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Doha and Kuwait. Air Malta is committed to service the Gulf Area and this shows by the fact that it has been operating uninterruptedly for the last 9 years, carrying just fewer than 200,000 in the process. Frequency of operations depend on market requirements and objectives from time to time and presently it operates 2 weekly schedule operations out of Dubai and Kuwait, departing every Thursday and Monday and returning on Wednesday and Monday. Its main market focus is to sell competitive fares to Malta either for a business visit or for vacation, or to carry on to various other European and North African destinations via Hub Malta. Our Gulf Area Office also represents Malta Tourist Authority (MTA).

Being a vibrant company, Air Malta is undergoing a period of change to improve upon its present performance and reputation its formation in 1973.

One of the major projects being undertaken is the revamping of its fleet to keep up with market requirements. A fleet plan shall be announced by the end of the year, incurring an investment of around USD 400m. The Government of Malta has announced privatization plans in line with its economic policy, however, without any set deadline.

It also aims to strengthen its Gulf network according to market forces. Kuwait, which is operating for the second year running, has been code-shared with Kuwait Airways as from June 2001.

Air Malta Holidays has operated a holiday programme from Dubai to the Maltese Islands for the last 6 years. The seasonal brochure, available from most travel agents, contains the widest selection of hotels totalling 32, of which 29 are in Malta and 3 on the idyllic island of Gozo. All at the most competitive prices on the market.

Air Malta Holidays is operated by Holiday Malta Co. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Air Malta and one of the leading tour operators to the Malta with over 25 years of experience.

The Summer 2001 brochure is packed with competitively priced package holidays with prices from AED 1785 for three nights in a 3 star hotel. Package includes flights, accommodation and airport transfers. Special offers and last minute discounts are available from time to time.

Air Malta Holidays clients can also take advantage of the European Add-On. A supplement of AED 1400 will allow holidaymakers an extension of their journey to an of the Air Malta destinations in Europe.

Air Malta is a great supporter of ATM, is very satisfied with the results achieved in this year`s edition, and shall certainly be back next year, presenting an even higher profile.