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Bulgarian tourism in facts and figures

In 1999 international tourism provided revenues of 931,7 million USD for the balance of payments of Bulgaria<.>

In 1999 international tourism provided revenues of 931,7 million USD for the balance of payments of Bulgaria<.> (excluding international transport), which accounted about 8-9% of the GDP. Together with the domestic tourism, the share of the tourism sector in GDP exceeds 10,5-11%. For the year 2000 preliminary forecasts for tourism receipts are for 1,1-1,2 billion USD.

The int'l tourism receipts in the Balance of payments of the country for the first eight months are USD 790,7 million (+18,48% in comparison with the same period of 1999).

Bulgarian citizens have spent for trips abroad an amount of USD 354,0 million for the same period (+1,02%).

In 1999 Bulgaria was visited by 2,084,746 foreign citizens with a purpose "tourism" (excluding children without own passports). This number exceeds the 1998 level by 5,5%. The preliminary statistical data for tourism and recreation by 18,2% (according to the data for the first nine months) and the prognosis for the year are for about 2,4 million tourists (excluding children without own passports). The share of the EC as a generating market in the total number of foreign tourists, visited Bulgaria is expected to increase from 32% (in 1999) to 35% (in 2000).

In 1999 Bulgaria was visited by 294,291 Greek nationals for touristic purposes exclusive of children, who do not have their own passports. This was a 15,2% rise, compared to 1998 despite the Kossovo crisis. In the year 2000 the situation is the same. Over the first nine months of the year alone, the number of Greek tourists increased by 9,42%, compared to the same period of 1999, reaching 226,022. The year 2000 saw a record-breaking number of Greek tourists visiting Bulgaria.

In 1999 a total of 254, 117 Bulgarian nationals travelled to Greece +19,0% compared to 1998. As many as 234,967 of them visited Greece for touristic purposes, which is a 18,7% rise compared to the previous year. In 1998 Greece was destination N2 for tourism travels of Bulgarians- immediately after Turkey. In 1999 Greece went ahead of Turkey to become N1 tourist destination for Bulgarians nationals. Greece is becoming a more attractive destination for the Bulgarian tourists.

The major market, generating tourists for Bulgaria in 1999 are as follows: the neighbouring Balkan countries, Germany, UK, Russia, Ukraine, the Scandinavian countries, Central Europe, Belarus, USA, Moldova, etc.

For the first nine months of 2000 Germany ranked first by number of real tourists, leaving behind Greece and Macedonia, followed by Russia, the Scandinavian countries, Ukraine, UK, etc. In reality there is a considerable increase in the number of tourists from nearly all markets, except for UK, Belarus and Moldova.

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