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PONY and announce joint venture

Theodore Koumelis - 24 October 2012, 12:54

HotelPlanner was founded in 2003, and is now the leading provider of online services to the global group hotel sales market.

WASHINGTON, PENN. - PONY Baseball and Softball is pleased to announce the selection of as the organization's official provider of team travel planning and hotel bookings.  

"The PONY organization holds hundreds of events throughout the country annually that require teams to travel and stay at hotels. HotelPlanner is the largest provider of group travel planning services for sport teams in the country. HotelPlanner's combination of technology and professional staff of event planning experts is a perfect fit to assist our members operate successful tournaments," stated PONY President, Abraham Key.

HotelPlanner was founded in 2003, and is now the leading provider of online services to the global group hotel sales market. The company has developed an expertise in youth sport travel and will assist PONY in planning tournament and event travel both in the USA and worldwide. According to Tim Hentschel, CEO of HotelPlanner, "Our mission is to assist PONY to make travel team events more affordable, encourage more participation by athletes, and help tournament planners work more effectively with hotel partners."

HotelPlanner has a portfolio of 50,000 participating hotels, providing tournament directors with a range of options for each specific event. The company will be directly integrated into the PONY website and be easily accessible to tournament organizers, coaches, players, parents, family members and friends attending events.


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"Tim Hentschel" commented on 24 October 2012, 14:34:

Great article. They forgot to mention guarantees the lowest group rates or they pay for the group leaders hotel rooms and for the winning teams hotel rooms to the next HotelPlanner title sponsored tournament.
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