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Vilnius aims to set a new record for the first-ever training session conducted at the highest point above the ground

On August 10th, 50 adrenaline enthusiasts selected Vilnius TV Tower, one of the world’s tallest TV towers and an iconic city symbol, for their unique training lesson.

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is striving for a new record by conducting a group training session carried out at extreme heights, 170 meters above the ground. On August 10th, 50 adrenaline enthusiasts have chosen a unique location for their training lesson—Vilnius TV Tower, one of the tallest TV towers in the world and a well-recognized symbol of the city.

Seven fitness coaches from Re.Formato club led the hour-long training session by standing on the edge of the tower and attached with cables only while the participants exercised behind the safety fence. The organizers of the event want to register the training class as a Lithuanian record.

It’s symbolic that we had a body balance session at such heights! Vilnius, which is celebrating its 700th anniversary, is as lively as ever this summer with events, concerts, and a multitude of opportunities for a good time. We have contributed to the festivities by giving this unique gift to all fitness lovers in the city. May Vilnius be as sporty as it is young,” Dovilė Šimonytė-Šturienė, representative of the fitness club, said.

Lure for adrenaline junkies

At 326.5 meters, the TV Tower is the eighth tallest tower in Europe. A restaurant Milky Way at 165 meters, offers an exclusive dining experience and the chance to admire the urban panorama splayed out beneath the patrons’ feet at the platform that slowly rotates 360 degrees every 55 minutes.

Recently the TV Tower has become a major draw for adrenaline enthusiasts. Those who are up for a more leisurely stroll than an intense training session, can walk along the edge of the viewing platform at 170 meters above the ground. Since there are no handrails and the visitors are attached with safety cables, nothing obstructs the expansive views—on a clear day, visibility may stretch up to 50 km.

The tower’s viewing platform also converts to a music stage—at the beginning of this summer, the visitors were treated to a DJ music project, “Old Souls Young Body,” and last year, an eccentric music ensemble SUBTILUS hosted an enchanting performance for the crowds that braved the September chill up in the air.

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