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easyJet announces nine new Fearless Flyer course dates across the UK for summer 2024


Since 2012 over 12,000 phobics have taken to the skies after successfully completing the course, with the programme achieving over 95% success rate.

easyJet is bringing its Fearless Flyer course back for summer, to help nervous flyers take control and overcome their fears. With courses starting from 21st April 2024 and taking place in Glasgow, Bristol, Manchester, Belfast, London Gatwick, Liverpool, London Luton, and Edinburgh as well as returning to easyJet’s new base Birmingham for the first time this year, customers now have a choice of nine airports across the UK to book their experience flight.

For over a decade the course has helped over 12,000 phobics take to the skies after successfully completing the Fearless Flyer course, with the programme achieving over 95% success rate and it continues to be one of the best-priced aerophobia courses in the UKm with the summer schedule providing options across the UK from April until the end of June.

easyJet’s Fearless Flyer course is divided into three main parts:

  • A virtual ground course, where an easyJet captain explains the unfamiliar sounds and sensations customers feel onboard an aircraft during take off, landing and during times of turbulence. In addition, Lawrence Leyton, a leading expert in the psychology of fear, teaches a unique set of mind techniques to help manage nerves.
  • A pre-flight one-hour ‘Meet the Team’ online Zoom session, where participants will be walked through the airport experience and what to expect. There will also be a participant Q&A session with the Fearless Flyer Team including an easyJet pilot, Lawrence Leyton and Course Director Mark Wein, who shares his tips and advice on how he overcame his own fear of flying many years ago.
  • And lastly, a special one-hour experience flight from the course airport, where customers put their new skills to the test whilst listening to a live commentary of the flight from the Fearless Flyer team.

Captain Maria Pernia-Digings, Lead Fearless Flyer Pilot Presenter, easyJet said: “We’re delighted to be relaunching our renowned Fearless Flyer course for 2024 with summer courses now available to book across the UK. The courses have been running for many years with a success rate of over 95%. As one of the Captains presenting the course, I have seen first-hand how so many nervous flyers conquer their worries and fears about flying  and they are now enjoying traveling to all parts of the world for business, for holidays and visiting relatives. If you have a fear of flying, please come and join us and let us help you to spread your wings and change your life.” 

Mark Wein, easyJet’s Fearless Flyer Course Director, commented: “As someone who used to have a fear of flying, I understand only too well how restrictive this fear can be, but it really isn’t that difficult to overcome it. Often it’s just a lack of knowledge or a fear of panic attacks that is the root cause of the issue, which is why the easyJet Fearless Flyer course is so successful. Because our ground course covers all aspects of Aerophobia and then we complete the process with our confidence building Experience Flight which includes the added benefit of a highly reassuring pilot commentary throughout the journey, so that by the end of the course, even the most nervous passenger can look forward to their next flight with total confidence.”  

Jasmine Cross, who attended the Gatwick Course in March 2024 said: “The fearless flyer experience was one of a kind. From the very first online video that I watched there were so many questions answered for me that meant I already felt way more prepared to handle the experience flight than I would normally. Pre-flight I was less anxious and apprehensive about what was going to happen, if anything I felt excitement for the first time. Once on the flight, I used the techniques Lawrence advised which were extremely helpful, and with Maria explaining every detail perfectly I instantly felt at ease and safe. Mark was amazing too, it really helped to hear his story and how he overcame his fear, especially as his fear was the exact same as mine (turbulence). I could not recommend this course enough, to all the team involved in this process, thank you so much you have really changed my mind set about flying! 

easyJet’s summer 2024 Fearless Flyer Experience Flights are taking place on the following dates across the UK:

Airport Date
Glasgow Sunday 21st April 2024
Bristol Saturday 27th April 2024
Manchester Sunday 28th April 2024
Belfast Saturday 11th May 2024
London Gatwick Saturday 18th May 2024
Liverpool Saturday 8th June 2024
London Luton Sunday 9th June 2024
Edinburgh Monday 17th June 2024
Birmingham Saturday 23rd June 2024
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