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TAAG Angola Airlines with new baggage policy effective January 1, 2024


Personal items, hand luggage and hold luggage authorized formats/dimensions were revised to provide more flexibility and options for travelers.

LUANDA – TAAG Angola Airlines will have a new baggage policy available from January 1, 2024. Passengers and customers are invited to familiarize themselves with the new terms and conditions, via the company’s website.

Overall, the new baggage policy provides greater convenience and options for passengers. We highlight that passengers can now purchase extra baggage, with no limitations regarding the number of items. They also benefit from lower taxes if the extra baggage is purchased before the travel date.

More items are now allowed as baggage, namely musical instruments, sporting equipment, pets, or perishable goods, as long as they obey the company baggage terms & conditions, namely restrictions on format, weight, packaging, and complying with the destination country’s regulatory requirements. Thus, TAAG is a customer-oriented company, deeply committed to providing passengers with more agile and flexible services.