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Touch and Aeromexico forge innovative IFE partnership


This partnership marks an exciting step forward for Aeromexico as they embark on elevating inflight entertainment offerings across their growing fleet.

MIAMI, NO – Touch Inflight Solutions (Touch), a premier provider of next-generation inflight entertainment solutions, announced a new partnership with Aeromexico. Together, Touch and Aeromexico aim to deliver best-in-class inflight entertainment experiences that reflect Aeromexico’s modern identity.

Over the next few years, Touch and Aeromexico plan to pioneer new inflight entertainment offerings and optimization strategies that continue elevating the passenger experience. Deliver content tailored to the Aeromexico passenger of the future.

Touch and Aeromexico will collaborate to deliver unique and culturally relevant content experiences on Aeromexico’s inflight entertainment platform. Programming will align with Aeromexico’s brand and identity, resonating with the aspirations of new generations of Mexican passengers.

“We look forward to working with Aeromexico to highlight the diverse and dynamic cultural fabric that makes Mexico unique,” said João Chaves, Touch’s Director of Customer Service. “Our exclusive content will enable Aeromexico passengers to feel connected to Mexico’s vibrant heritage and modern arts.”

Content analytics as a driving force for curation

Robust viewership analytics will serve as a driving force for personalized content curation. This data-backed approach will allow Aeromexico to provide rich, tailored programming that evolves alongside changing passenger preferences.

Synergy through Aeromexico’s shareholder, Delta Air Lines

As a major Aeromexico shareholder, Delta Air Lines is a key partner for optimizing workflows and scaling efficiencies. Close coordination between Touch and Delta on technical services and content management will enable seamless collaboration for the benefit of Aeromexico passengers.

“This partnership signifies our dedication to setting new standards for inflight entertainment,” said Aeromexico’s Vice President Product and Onboard Services, António Fernandez Ojeda. “We look forward to pioneering the future of engagement and entertainment with Touch.”

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