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9 best travel souvenirs

Τraveling is not only about visiting new places. It’s also about creating memories and bringing home some nice souvenirs.

Traveling is fun, exciting, and memorable. It can also be extremely relaxing and offer you an opportunity to take a break from your everyday monotonous and tiring routine.

According to reports, you should travel every year for at least eight days so that your mind can rejuvenate and relax. It allows you to feel better and lets you concentrate on your tasks without feeling distracted.

Working constantly and continuously puts a lot of pressure on your mind and can make you less creative as well. However, traveling is not only about visiting new places. It’s also about creating memories and bringing home some nice souvenirs. 

If you’re traveling abroad then make sure to bring home a nice souvenir as it can work as a piece of memory and reminds you of your trip.

To help you pick the right souvenir, we have compiled a list of 10 best travel souvenirs you can pick on your next vacation.

#1 Maps
This is a type of souvenir that you will find in every country. It’s quite understandable why.

When you visit a new place you’d probably buy a local map to help you get around. While we have gone digital now, paper maps are still quite in demand. There’s something incredible about holding a map in your hand and wandering around.

However, the map can be more than just a piece of paper with lines drawn on it. Hold on to it and take it back home to serve as a souvenir.

#2 Post Cards
In this digital age of emails, we hardly use mailing services but they can still be quite useful when it comes to souvenirs. 

Take a trip to the post office and get yourself some nice postcards to take back home as souvenirs. It’s a cheap option that can be quite useful. 

Stamp collection is a popular hobby and people even spend hundreds on them. Moreover, they’re light in weight and hence also very easy to carry.

#3 Get a Tattoo
If you’re a tattoo lover then take this leap of faith and get a tattoo when you travel abroad. You can be as crazy as the person who got the world map tattooed on his body or be a little less extreme and creative.

However, be careful when selecting a tattoo shop as not all countries follow the right standards and some can be very risky as well.

#4 Jewelry
This by far will be the most favorite souvenir on our list especially if you’re a girl. You can either buy one from a local traveler’s market or from a famous local jeweler. 

You may also be a bit creative and get a piece of jewelry with your name on it. 

#5 A Different Photograph
Be a little creative and take photos. You’re anyway gonna click pictures so how is it going to be different? We’re talking about going ‘local’. For example, you can dress up like an Ottoman King if you’re in Turkey and take the photograph as a souvenir.

#6 Art
If you’re into art then take a trip to the closest art store and pick something nice. You may opt for a painting or something unique that you think would be of use to you.

#7 Cutlery
This may sound like a boring thing to buy but cutlery can turn out to be a nice souvenir. Imagine having coffee in a cup you bought from your favorite city. It will remind you of your favorite town every time you get down to have a cup of coffee.

#8 Clothes
Make sure to take a trip to your nearest mall and buy a local dress as a souvenir. However, only choose it only if you intend to use it. 

Clothes are a nice choice as a souvenir, however, on the downside, they may not be with you for a long period of time.

#9 Book
Buy a book from a local store, ideally by a local writer, so that it can introduce you to the country’s culture and also serve as a memorabilia.