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Best things to do in Ocean Shores, Washington

The City of Ocean Shores is one of the famous tourist spots in Washington, located between the vast pacific ocean and Grays Harbor. It’s a perfect place to visit and spend your vacation with your partner, friends, family, or having a solo adventure.

If you have a few cities to go to in your mind and consider Ocean Shores in your choices, you might be curious about what activities you can perform in that place. The City of Ocean Shores is one of the famous tourist spots in Washington, located between the vast pacific ocean and Grays Harbor. It's a perfect place to visit and spend your vacation with your partner, friends, family, or having a solo adventure. 

This article will discuss what to do in Ocean Shores to make you excited about your upcoming trip.

Fun activities to do in Ocean Shores City
Ocean Shores City is a great getaway place for people looking forward to bonding with their loved ones or going by themselves to relax. Here are some of the best activities you can do there:

Enjoy the beach
People who are in love with beaches will like the natural beauty of Ocean Shores. Going there will allow you to enjoy swimming or beachcombing. The ambience will help you take a break from all your worries and have a fresh mind when you get back to work. Besides that, you can also fly your kite as you walk through the sand or watch kiting tournaments every June.

If you want to experience a relaxing boating adventure, you can rent a boat at Ocean Shores Boat House and choose from hydro bikes, kayaks, or electric boats. Plus, you can catch fish in the Westport area, where there is plenty of fish.

Learn about the culture
To fully connect and appreciate a certain place, learning about its culture is significant. In Ocean Shores, they have learning activities that will introduce you to its history. They include exciting indoor and outdoor exhibits and educational teachings in Coastal Interpretive Center.

For only $5 per adult or $10 per family, you can check out some artifacts like seashells, rocks, minerals, and more that have a long history. Plus, for outdoor activities, they will let you walk a trail and see some interesting plants. If you are planning to visit this centre as you go to Ocean Shore, it will be open from Thursday to Monday, from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.

Enjoy a playtime with your family
If you have kids and plan to spend your vacation with them, the Playtime Family Fun is a great attraction you must visit in Ocean Shores. At this place, you can get to experience go-karts, bumper cars, giant slides, virtual reality, and more. Aside from that, they offer ice cream at their peppermint parlor.

Explore the wildlife
When you are in the City of Ocean Shores, you can explore the Oyhut Wildlife Recreation Area nearby. It is a 682 acres park where you can spot birds and other wild animals. In addition, it also consists of trails you can go through and look for small mammals, such as raccoons, rabbits, and more.

Experience horsing
At Chenois Creek Horse Ranch in Ocean Shores, you can show off your cowboy or cowgirl vibes by experiencing horseback riding for $20 an hour. If you love the beach but don't like waking in the sand, you can consider getting a horse rental to do that. Because the pace of their horses is slow and gentle, even kids can hop on them. They are open every day, but depending on the weather conditions.

Rent an electric bike
For those who want to stroll in an electric bike, you can rent an electric bicycle and explore the area through the Electric Beach Bike Rentals. If you have kids under 16 years old, you can also rent or purchase a pedal bicycle. Just remember to supervise them, especially if you have young kids.

Participate in a golf course
If you love golf and want to participate in a course, you can do that in Ocean Shores. Whether you are a beginner or a pro to golfing, they have suitable courses for all skill levels. When you visit the Ocean Shores Golf Course in Canal Drive, they have complete equipment you'll need for your game. You just have to dress properly in your golfing attire. Besides that, if you want to host a tournament, they also do that. You just have to contact them about the details, provide the payment, and enjoy the game.

Try out the town restaurants menus
In visiting any place, tasting delicious foods is one of the essential things people want to experience. When you are already in Ocean Shores, you can try Ocean Beach Roasters for seafood, bread, pasta, or vegan meals. You can also eat at Galway Bay, where you can taste various seafood, sandwiches, pasta, meat, and salad.

Spend your vacation in Ocean Shores, WA
Have you made out your mind about spending your vacation in Ocean Shores, Washington? If you like the listed activities above, you will surely enjoy going there and maximising your stay. For more information about schedules and events and your convenience, you can visit their city council website or your chosen attractions' pages.

Photo by Wonderlane on Unsplash