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Children and smartphones: Harmful interaction

If you want to find out how the screen time negatively affects children, check out our material.

The modern generation spends almost all their free time on gadgets. In order to keep the babies busy, the parents allow them to use smartphones and tablets starting from an early age. The children are quickly carried away by watching their favorite shows, cartoons; YouTube becomes a fast and convenient source of entertainment content.

Unfortunately, this often leads to addiction. The child absorbs more and more information from social networks, and it partially or completely replaces meetings with friends, outdoor walks, hobbies and even a full rest. If you want to find out how the screen time negatively affects children, check out our material.

Why the uncontrolled access to gadgets is dangerous?

The excessive use of the smartphone leads to problems not only with the development but also with the behavior of the child. Therefore, screen time can become a real headache.

If you do not control the time on the phone, you will have to face the problems such as:

1. Hyperactivity and anxiety
Kids who spend most of their time with gadgets are more likely to suffer from these phenomena. Instead of a teddy bear they get a phone, instead of cubes they get a tablet with cartoons. Pretty soon the child gets an addiction, starting to perceive the gadget as a favorite toy. And attempts to take it away or hide it are perceived extremely negatively. Trying to please the baby and not knowing how to stop the tantrum, the parents allow them to continue playing with the phone. And the problem is getting worse.

The thing is that together with actions that we like, the body produces dopamine. It is a hormone of joy. For example, if you eat your favorite chocolate or receive a gift, you will have dopamine.

This also happens during the interaction with the gadget. The screen time of apps provides the young body with the hormone of joy. The child gets everything quickly and simply without the need to do anything or learn. Over time, he or she ceases to make efforts, which in the future will lead to an unwillingness to form or achieve any goals.

2. Sleep problems
Many scientists do not get tired of saying that human interaction with the phone before going to bed has a negative effect on sleep. The nervous system is overexcited; it becomes difficult for the child to fall asleep. And since the child needs at least 8 hours of rest, insomnia affects the well-being, appetite and, consequently, the mood of the baby. It becomes difficult for him to remember information, focus and communicate with other people.

3. Decreased visual acuity
The anatomical structure of human eyes involves regular switching of vision to the close and far objects. But a long-time interaction with the gadget screen makes you concentrate your vision exclusively on nearby objects in a continuous mode. Systematic stress on the visual organs leads to deterioration of vision.

Failure to observe the distance, improper lighting and prolonged presence behind the screen leads to an ophthalmologist's office. And only a timely treatment, gymnastics and visual hygiene will help to preserve vision. And, of course, the control of the use of gadgets.

4. Behavior issues
Due to the issues with sleep and rapid addiction, there is a violation of the babies' behavior. The child becomes irritated and demanding, ceases to obey. In addition, there may be more serious consequences. Attempts to prohibit the use of a smartphone leads to anger, aggression, threats from the child.

5. Access to pornography
Children are very curious people. Sooner or later they will stumble upon an explicit video. And then the control of children will become a missed idea.

For younger kids, such content will have a shocking effect. And older guys can start comparing themselves with the heroes of a piquant video and look for flaws in themselves.

The porn often creates a distorted picture of sexual relationships in people. Hyperbolization and sometimes unrealism will lead to the formation of low self-esteem. In addition, the child will begin to feel ashamed for its interest in the explicit content. In order to prevent a misunderstanding of the purpose of sex and the appearance of cruelty and violence in the subsequent relationship of the child, it is worth considering the option of blocking content.

Piquant videos often drag into their pool, but they have an extremely negative effect on the immature child's psyche. Sexual deviations, depression, manifestations of hatred towards the opposite sex are only part of the problems that watching porn can lead to. It is not necessary to shame the child for the interest in such content. But you need to monitor carefully the child and not be afraid to talk about certain topics building the correct sexual development – the ideal way out.

Gadgets have really become an integral part of our lives. And in many ways they help a person to get useful information and knowledge. But the interaction should be reasonable when the child is under supervision.
Screen time and child: what is the norm?

What questions most often bother modern parents.

Leaders – where is my child and how long has he or she been on the phone? Unfortunately, due to the frenzied pace of life, it can be difficult for moms and dads to keep track of the last point. However, it is worth hearing experienced pediatricians here. After all, they unequivocally assure: parental control for children helps the normal development and health of the child. But its absence does not lead to anything good. Therefore, there are certain daily norms that should be adhered to. They are set depending on the age of the baby.

  • 1-2 years – no more than a few minutes. At this age, the babies need more attention, active and educational games.
  • Preschoolers – up to an hour. At this age, the child already understands a lot, it is interesting for the child to follow the bright characters and a simple plot. Therefore, the informative cartoons will help to develop the imagination. And yet do not forget the child's daily routine.
  • Schoolchildren – 60 minutes – 1.5 hours. At the age from 5 to 10 years, it is very important for a child to follow balance. In the child's life there should be both educational and entertainment materials, as well as active hobbies.
  • Teenagers — up to 2 hours. These guys are already quite self-sufficient and independent, and can be responsible for compliance with the rules themselves. Of course, some teenagers may require more time for their favorite gadgets. And the question of what my children are doing will be visited more often by parents of wayward teenagers. Therefore, it is very important to establish trusting relationships with your children. And then compliance with the rules can be controlled much easier.

And yet, despite the number of dangerous ones, there are also positive sides. With proper use of gadgets, the relationship between children and parents becomes warmer. After all, watching an interesting movie or an exciting show together will bring only positive emotions.

What is the task of parents
A calm conversation with arguments is the best way to set rules for children. 

  • When and where you can use gadgets
  • Duration of use
  • Where will the media-free points be
  • List of allowed gadgets
  • Digital detox

In order to fill the children's free time with useful and interesting things, collect puzzles together, play board games, visit theaters, cinemas and museums.
Of course, monitoring the interaction of a child with a gadget can be carried out with obstacles. Even the whole family will not always persuade the little rebel to adhere to the rules. The protests, ignoring or pretending to get then to its favorite gadget will not play into the hands of a worried parent.

Fortunately, there are modern methods that allow you to know where the child is, whether everything is all right. Just activate the children's mode in the app and find out how the child lives. And the "Family Access" function will become a repository of content so that everyone who monitors the safety of the child can view it.

Kroha Parental Control: Advantages
Parental Control Kroha is an effective application that allows you to limit phone time, as well as:

  1. Monitor interaction with the gadget
  2. Oversee which websites the child visits and which applications were saved
  3. Guarantee the safety of a young network user, even completely blocking the phone if necessary
  4. Find the child if the GPS control stopped responding
  5. Limit the babies' interaction with prohibited websites and delineate the boundaries

You maintain a trusting relationship, but at the same time you know where your child is, occupy the time with useful content and reduce the level of dependence on a smartphone.

You can test the "Parental Control Kroha" for free for 5 days. You can find out more on the website, you can also download it there. You can see the location of the children/child in real time. Take care of the safety of your child with us!

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