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Cruise tourism: A new exciting option for vacationing

Here are some of the top reasons you should consider cruising for a vacation.

Too congested, extremely expensive, too much time at sea and too restrictive — these are some of the things many of us think of when the option for cruise tourism comes to mind. But is it all true, or are our own fears and misconceptions denying us the perfect vacation aboard a cruise ship?

A vacation is the best way to unwind but for many of us, planning for such a trip can be quite stressful. While there are many options one can consider, a cruise vacation offers plenty of benefits you didn't know existed. Whether you settle on family cruises, golf cruises, singles' cruises or any other themed cruises, you're bound to have a once-in-a-lifetime vacationing experience. 

The best part is that modern-day cruise ships are packed to the gills with onboard activities. The newest ships sport water parks, movie theatres, rope courses, mini-golf, and rock-climbing walls. The more adventurous ones even have ziplines, surfing, bumper cars and skydiving simulators among other thrill rides. 

There is so much aboard a cruise ship to take your breath away. Here are some of the top reasons you should consider cruising for a vacation.

Why you should consider a cruise ship
Cruise ships have definite routes that are announced well in advance, thus helping you avoid the stress of planning for a destination. However, it's what takes place on the cruise ship that you'll be most interested in. 

For most cruise ships, the daily schedules host wine tastings, dance classes, trivia games, education programmes and other family friendly activities. The nights are the most interesting, with lots of entertainment for adults on the cruise ships. You'll be treated to Broadway musicals, magic acts, movies and Vegas style shows where casino lovers will have a blast on the tables. Just remember to gamble responsibly and enjoy each activity the ship has to offer with moderation.

While many of us have certain misconceptions about cruise tourism, here are some reasons why you should consider cruising this year. 

Cruise vacation offers value for money
Aren’t cruise ships too expensive? Well, not exactly. Cruise ship prices are usually all-inclusive, meaning whatever you pay will cater for many other things besides fares from one destination to another. For this reason, cruise ships offer value for your money, since everything you'll need on your trip will be sorted by the cruise line. This includes meals, accommodation, entertainment, and internet connectivity.

A variety of onboard activities
Cruise ships are packed with a wide variety of onboard activities and facilities for everyone. This includes swimming pools, spas, lounges, basketball courts, educational centres and other sports and entertainment facilities.

Cruise vacations are easy to plan
Are you having a difficult time choosing your vacation destination? Well, planning your vacation has never been easier than with a cruise ship. Cruise vacations put together transportation and accommodation as well as offshore excursions.

Whether you're traveling as a family, couple or workmates, cruise lines have group travel plans, thus helping you eliminate the trouble of coordinating the different members of your travel group. What's more, booking several cabins sometimes comes with a few bonus perks. 

Cruising is social
Cruising provides you with the perfect opportunity to interact with people from different cultures. You can plan independent group excursions and have group dinners by the pool or at the piano. 

Kids will enjoy more as they'll have fun interacting with their agemates during the many youth activities available on cruise ships.

For the love of good food
Most cruise ships hire top-quality chefs for their kitchens. For instance, the Carnival Cruise Line hires Georges Blanc, a world-renowned master chef

On board the cruise ship, you'll be guaranteed several cuisine options – there are usually several restaurants aboard one ship. This means you can try out several menus, which will make your cuisine experience great for your family, kids or a romantic dinner.

Top cruise ships to try
Now that taking a cruise ship for your vacation seems like a more desirable option, you might be wondering what the best cruise ships to enjoy all the fun are. Here are the best two ships you can try out for your vacation. 

1. Royal Princess
The Royal Princess is among the top-reviewed cruise ships. The ship has the biggest Atrium area, which means more room for entertainment facilities. Its top deck pool area is also the biggest compared to its sister ships – this deck hosts nightly water and light show, among other onboard activities. 

The ship will give you a laid-back, mellow-but-fun classic onboard experience. Cruising with the Royal Princess allows you to tour the Caribbean and Mediterranean with departures from the following home ports.

  • Fort Lauderdale FL USA
  • Civitavecchia-Rome
  • Venice
  • Barcelona

2. Quantum of the Seas
Quantum of the Seas is one of the luxury cruise ships owned and operated by the Royal Caribbean International Cruises. The ship has a breath-taking atmosphere, with plenty of activities to enjoy onboard and several offshore excursions planned along the way.

Travellers on this ship can participate in skydiving, solve puzzles in escape rooms, crash bumper cars and enjoy good food from several restaurants onboard. The ship has a bar area with a one-of-a-kind Bionic Bar robot to take your order. There's also an observation capsule 300 feet above with a rotating arm to give you a 360-degree view. 

Quantum of the Seas offers a south pacific cruising experience, which means you'll have a chance to visit the Bahamas, Mystery Islands, Queensland, Vancouver, Honolulu, and Alaska. 

With these cruise ships and their itineraries, you can quickly and effortlessly plan a life-changing cruising vacation for you and your family. This might just be the trip you need but never considered before.