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Essential apps for traveling alone

Every journey, even a very small one, is always an endorphin release, a feeling of freedom and independence.

Let's think for a while. What is stopping you from going on a trip right now? Lack of money? Not really, because you can travel on an ultra-budget. Lack of time? Perhaps, but at least a couple of days can be set aside for you. Or perhaps, the fear of traveling alone?

Yes, yes, and yes again! Millions of people around the world are turning away from exciting trips and new experiences just because they don't have company. They are afraid to travel alone due to one reason or another.

We believe that this issue needs to be fixed. We want to share a large list of applications and services with you that will make your solo trip more comfortable, richer, and more exciting. On the brighter side, you might cease to be single if it works out perfectly 😉

Apps for finding tickets and planning any trip from scratch

This is an online service and application for quickly finding air tickets and hotel rooms in different countries and cities. Skyscanner is convenient because here you can plan your entire trip without using other services. In addition, you can find a car rental in the city you need and make a reservation. In general, this application is from the category of "all in one." We recommend installing and using this App.

This is another universal application that will make your trips easier and more convenient. CheckMyTrip can be used in buying air and train tickets, booking hotel rooms, reserving taxis and parking spaces, checking the weather, finding street tours and activities around the world, cafes, restaurants, and more. If Skyscanner doesn't work for you for some reason, try CheckMyTrip — you'll love it!

This is a functional application for planning and organizing a “key ready” trip, but with one interesting feature. Triplt allows you to upload PDFs, photos, boarding passes digital passports, QR codes, and other documents you may need on the road. You won't forget or lose anything. This App is user-friendly!

Apps for finding accommodation

We believe that the Booking application needs no introduction. This App can easily and quickly find hotels in cities and countries around the world, compare prices, explore locations, and find the best options. Among other things, Booking often offers various discounts and special offers for active users. Therefore, if you are planning a trip, Booking is one of the first applications that should be on your smartphone.

This is another must-have app for travelers to find accommodation all over the world. The difference between Booking and Airbnb is that the later does not look for hotels, but for houses and apartments that other users rent. In most cases, it is cheaper than staying in hotels. Therefore, if you are interested in a budget vacation, Airbnb is what you need. Of course, you can also rent accommodation to other travelers using the application.

Couchsurfing is the principle of free accommodation between couchsurfers. You simply find offers from other couchsurfers in the desired city, send a request, and if they are ready to accept you, you check in and the CouchSurfing app makes it easy. Recently, they have been trying to monetize the couchsurfing format and make it paid, but there are still millions of people in the world who are ready to accommodate other travelers for free.

Travel guide apps

It is a very handy application for those who travel a lot to other cities and countries. This is not only a great guide, but also has offline maps, which will guide you from getting lost in an unfamiliar place. It can be used even if you don't have internet access. Among other things, Redigo has a built-in phrase book, search for current events near you, and search for flights.

This Application is a convenient travel planner and travel guide. The application will show you the most interesting places in the selected city, and help you build a busy route or use ready-made routes. It helps you to find the most iconic sights, the application has good ratings. You will definitely get the most out of new places!

This service was originally developed for finding flights, but currently, Momondo can also find accommodation, car rental, and, of course, travel planning. An interesting feature of Momondo is that you can share a trip with your fellow travelers so that they can review the travel plan and even adjust it to make it even more intense. This App is very convenient and practical.

Apps for finding travel companions, new friends, or a match

Omegle is essentially the first chatroulette that has been running since 2009. On the site, you can search for interlocutors by country, as well as specify your list of interests to refine your search. The rest of the search settings are quite small. Also, this may be enough to find company for a trip or at least have a good time with a friendly conversation. Please note, that Omegle does not have a mobile app, only the web version can be used.

A great alternative to Omegle with more flexible search options. For example, in the videochat you can only meet girls, which is very convenient for single men. A real find for travelers is the built-in message translator. You simply specify the desired language, and the system will automatically translate messages. Ideal for those who plan to visit other countries and want to communicate effortlessly with the inhabitants of these countries. This counterpart has an Omegle App here and this App is highly recommended!

This is another good Omegle alternative that has a built-in translator. However, in OmeTV, the gender filter works worse. This is worth considering if you want to meet only girls or men. If the gender filter is very important to you, we recommend using the previous app, CooMeet.

This is not exactly an alternative to Omegle, but rather an analogue of Twitch, only without an emphasis on video games. This App can also conduct or watch streams as well as travel. If you wish, you can show the audience your adventures in other countries and cities. Interesting! Premium account holders can post their broadcasts on the main page of the site to attract the attention of many viewers as possible.

This is a language learning app where users teach each other. You can make new friends in other countries. Using Tandem chat improves your language skills and helps others learn. No wonder they say that the best way to learn a new language is to practice. Tandem provides you with such practice. Over 300 languages such as English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and many more can be learned using Tandem. Choose this App and learn with pleasure.

This is another useful application for learning foreign languages, in which the users themselves teach each other. According to the developers, HelloTalk is used by more than 30 million users worldwide. The application has a large and loyal community. It also has a curious feature "Moments", which allows you to share vivid photos and memories from your travels.

It's a useful application for travelers who want to visit the most interesting and exciting events. Here you can quickly find different events nearby, find out all the details about them and not miss the fun. A great opportunity to have fun and meet new people in other cities and countries.

To summarize: traveling brings about new horizons
Hans Christian Andersen once said, “To travel is to live!.” It is impossible to argue with that fact. Every journey, even a very small one, is always an endorphin release, a feeling of freedom and independence. So why deny yourself this?

Try not to be obsessed with the fact that you definitely need company for a comfortable trip. Believe this, sometimes it's easier to make new interesting acquaintances already on the spot, rather than trying to stir up your couch potato friends. Try as much as possible to arm yourself with the right apps, grab some cash, and head out into the uncertainty. It feels so great!

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