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How to start and grow travel YouTube channel: Tips and examples

To start and grow a successful channel about travels on YouTube, you simply must begin doing that. Start living your dream, like most of the influencers from this list do, and you will inevitably find people that your content will resonate to.

Among many platforms, people who want to get involved in the industry of travel on social media should choose youtube. This network has many benefits for this specific niche:

  • Unlimited length of the video
  • Comfortable creator studio
  • Effective ranking system
  • Advertising options
  • Stable income opportunities

And this is not everything that can be on this list. Youtube is a great place where you can express yourself through the most engaging type of content – video. But the competition in this industry is high, so to squeeze yourself into it you have to develop a smart strategy for your growth. And in this article, you will find top tips for your progress and inspiring examples of successful blogs.

How to boost your channel quickly
When you decide to create a channel on youtube for your travels, you must understand that with the current status of the competition on the platform, doing it without boosts will be a very hard and long-term endeavor. Luckily, nowadays you can get yourself a legal boost for your content. On sites like you can easily get real YouTube views, and start growing your channel immediately. 

Modern trustworthy services like VideosGrow provide high-quality materials that do not alert anti-bot security of YouTube, because instead of mindless bots you get real people who watch your content and assist you in your progress on the platform. 

But you must remember that paid services do not substitute organic audiences. To gain popularity and influence you have to work on your growth a lot and aim for dropping the assistance of paid promotion. 

Simple steps for fast and effective growth on YouTube

1. Set goals
Your content will be interesting and engaging to users when they can see the purpose of it. So, aiming for certain achievements is what certainly attracts more viewers to your videos. Besides, having a vision of the result helps you in planning content and finding ways of connecting with your subscribers. After the first goal is reached, simply settle the next one, for example get more views.

Example: Kara And Nate

This traveling couple had a concrete goal – to visit 100 countries by 2020. Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, these two have already been to all parts of the world. They also have a tough schedule of uploading posts – they have reached the mark of six videos per week! This frequency is very impressive even among more experienced YouTubers. Kara and Nate do a lot of planning when they are having a trip, and they include time for editing and uploading their videos on YouTube as they go.

2. Concentrate on what your audience wants to see
To make the most engaging and compelling content, you should define your target group and find out what they would like to see. The better you know the preferences of the public, the better would be your results on YouTube and the number of views. Examine what videos get the most attention from your target audience and find out what topics they are interested in, and which are not covered by other influencers. 

Example: Hopscotch The Globe

These guys make traveling with babies a piece of cake! Many people believe that it is impossible to have a nice trip or relax on vacation when you are going with toddlers and babies. Kristen and Siya will unravel the truth – travels with kids are fun and just as easy as ones without children. 

On their channel, they provide many useful tips and hacks for parents who wish to travel with their newborns. They also maintain a minimalistic and zero waste lifestyle. Focusing part of the materials on children, Kristen and Siya are attracting many parents who gladly begin planning their trip with kids. 

3. Add personality
One of the main aspects that attract people and gain more views on YouTube is the personality of the video author. The level of exposure is not as important as the manner of representation, so don’t worry, private things can remain private. But infusing content with your character and individual features is what creates a bond between you and your audience and makes your videos unique. Everything that you create is a presentation of your experience, taste, and thoughts. 

Example: Anton Ptushkin

This travel blogger from Ukraine has conquered the hearts of his fans with his personality and incredible talent for shooting and editing travel content. He started his career as a host of a popular travel show, and later he started his career as a solo traveler, who shares his experience with stingy humor and gives useful insights for people who are inspired to go tripping too. Anton’s videos are an example of great work on visuals. For his foreign fans, Anton has a spare channel where he narrates the text in English, and he always adds captions for his original videos too. 

4. Nurture a community
YouTube is known for this. Successful bloggers gather an army of fans around their persona, who support and popularize the channel. To get your channel to this level, you have to do much work. First of all, you have to communicate a lot, so your viewers feel involved in your content. And you must be a role model, an inspiration for many people. 

Example: Lost LeBlanc

This channel is hosted by Christian LeBlanc, who demonstrates a true passion for traveling and exploring the world. In his video, he gathers not only helpful tips, guides for travels, and his personal impressions. He also motivates his loyal subscribers to follow his steps and discover the world too. Christian inspires people to leave their comfort zone and feel the drive and excitement from wandering around. He has a strong community that is named “Team Get Lost” – these people are strongly motivated by Christians videos and they support his credos with their own trips. 

5. Be passionate and sincere
Nothing is interesting for users to watch as much as someone who enjoys their activity and production. When you create your videos with joy and care, it is always obvious for your viewers. Being genuine in your reactions and following your dreams is what ignites the inspiring fire in the hearts of other people. Share useful information too, but remember that people want to see it through the prism of your personal vision. You will be surprised to see how many like-minded people are there to see and appreciate your creations.

Example: I Am Aileen

This young girl is literally a role model for people who want to dedicate their lives to traveling. She quit her job when she was 21, and now she explores the world and takes the best of it as a famous travel blogger and influencer. Aileen creates beautiful videos and also reveals many tips and guides for people who get inspired by her content. 

To start and grow a successful channel about travels on YouTube, you simply must begin doing that. Start living your dream, like most of the influencers from this list do, and you will inevitably find people that your content will resonate to. Make sure you have packed your bags and got a plan. Be true and just expose your trip as it is, and popularity will find you. Good luck!

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