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How to stay entertained if you’re quarantined abroad

Below are some of the ways you can keep yourself entertained and sane in this moment of madness.

With many countries on lockdown, there are thousands if not millions of travellers stranded in countries with nothing to do but stay in their hotel room or self-catering apartment. This is a stressful time with a lot of waiting around to come, but there are some things you can do to prevent yourself from getting bored and wasting your time. Below are some of the ways you can keep yourself entertained and sane in this moment of madness.

House party app
The House Party app takes the conventional functionality of facetime and Skype but puts a twist on it. The app essentially allows you to video call other device users, and play built-in games with them. This is similar to the Snapchat games, but of course this is live. This can bring socialising and catching up with your family to a whole new level. No matter where you are in the world, you can have a fun night playing games.

Online casinos
Online casinos are a great alternative to going to a physical casino. If you're stuck inside then this can be a great pass-time. If you last played casino games a few years back, then you're in for a shock. The industry is now rife with complex, high quality games with developed stories and themes. You have to be initially aware of local laws though, as many countries ban online gambling. With the gamification of slot games and others, you can find yourself competing against friends, or even making new ones by playing at tables with others who are also stuck in quarantine. This can be a great bonding experience, as there's not many places on earth that aren't going through the same stresses currently. This is also true for video games, though it's less likely you have a powerful PC or console with you whisky traveling.

Learn a craft
A brief visit to a craft shop, or even most home depot shops, will open up a whole new world of hobbies. Whether it's model building, knitting, embroidery, painting, woodwork or sharpening knives. For under $50 you could get started on any of these, and with the help of YouTube, now is your chance at becoming an expert. This could have some unintended consequences too. The Covid pandemic could cause a huge wave of frugal, homemade DIY skills that could serve you well throughout the rest of your life. This is the ultimate tip, really. To use this self isolation time to learn practical, invaluable skills. This would be the silver lining in the otherwise tragic and deeply somber global crisis.

Start a blog
Many great works of literature, including some Shakespeare stories, were written in times of lockdown from plagues. This time alone could be exactly what you need to self-reflect and write down a diary, or a public blog, about your life experiences or current thoughts. Not only is this incredibly cathartic, but you may end up learning some WordPress and SEO skills that could be beneficial in the future. What better time is there to have few distractions than now? You may find yourself being able to produce an output well over what you expect, and find a new life-long hobby.