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Iconic cars to drive that will make your road trip more memorable

When going on a road trip, it requires you to have the most ideal and convenient car that can accommodate your needs. It should be designed and built for the type of road trip you will have.

Going on a road trip is one of the best ways to spend your vacation. It is healthy for the soul and mind. It makes you feel free and in charge. It is a perfect source of happiness and contentment when you are looking for a way to make beautiful memories. Whether you go solo or with your friends and family, you can enjoy and feel the moment. It is also an amazing way to enjoy the beauty of nature and know more about different places.

It is also where you can gain more friends that will give you knowledge about different cultures and values. A road trip is going to give a lot of knowledge and understanding of many things. When going on a road trip, it requires you to have the most ideal and convenient car that can accommodate your needs. It should be designed and built for the type of road trip you will have. The following is a list of iconic cars to drive that will make your road trip more memorable.

Land Rover Defender
The Land Rover Defender is the ideal car for a road trip with your family. It is one of the favorites when they go for an adventure because of its excellent build. What they love most about this car is its 60 cubic feet of storage. It can store all the things your family will need like, luggage, supplies, tents, and cooking wares. It also has a wide seating capacity that can fit up to a dozen. The seating capacity is suitable if you have kids, and the windows will also enable them to look at the beautiful view. To see your kids appreciate nature makes parents joyful.

Porsche Panamera
The Porsche Panamera is your beyond compare partner if you plan to drive a thousand miles with style. If you wish to go on a road trip no matter what the weather is, Porsche Panamera is exquisite at all types of weather, and it has two spacious rear seats that can accommodate you and your best friend or special someone. It can also store all your stuff in its wide storage space. Given its size, it is unexpected that it is very light, all thanks to its active anti-roll bars and the rear-wheel steering.

Ford Mustang
This muscle car is perfect for two persons who wish to go on a road trip. The space for the front seat is spacious, making it comfortable. It also has all modes. It can switch from a normal, racing, snow, and track mode.  Therefore, if you want an extraordinary speed during your road trip, a Ford Mustang is perfect for you. It is also using Blackberry QNX-based SYNC3 as its platform that is perfect for entertaining while drinking your favorite cup of coffee with their indefectible fit cup holder. 

Volkswagen Golf R Estate 
This Volkswagen Golf R Estate is admirable for its space and pace. It can run for 60 miles per hour in just 4.6 seconds. People who go on a road trip to the mountainous area will love it because it is manageable even if it is snowing through its climate control and adaptive cruise control features. It also has front and rear parking sensors, connectivity for all your gadgets, and trip computers that will make your trip easy and more comfortable.

If you want an easy, relaxing, and comfortable road trip, BMW is the car for you. This car is technologically advanced, making the lives of the drivers uncomplicated and simple. Drivers do not need to worry about parking their car because it has a remote valet parking assistant that will measure the parking lot and guide you perfectly. It also has a hybrid component that will lower your fuel consumption, which is practical for a road trip. Furthermore, you can also answer a call without grabbing your phone. You can simply wave your hand.

Boho Camper Vans
Boho camper vans are famous for overnight and long road trips. It has a bed, a kitchen, and a comfort room inside it, which will give you a memorable experience. When you are planning to go on a road trip for a couple of days or weeks, this van will save you from spending money on hotels or apartelle. It has everything in it, and you can park it anywhere. You are also free to do countless stopovers when you see an amazing view. 

Honda Element
The Honda Element is one of the cars mostly used for cross country road trips that are budget-friendly. It is one of the favorites because it is perfectly built for a road trip. It can carry a lot of baggage, and it will still be wide enough for you to sleep on at night. You will not need a tent because you already have the Honda Element with you. Dirt like mud, sand, and more are easily removable as well. Therefore, using this car for a road trip is great for couples, families, and friends.

Subaru Ascent
Subaru Ascent is another ideal vehicle for a family road trip. It has a full-time all-wheel drive; that is why it is great for all types of terrains. Even rocky roads will still keep you and your passengers comfortable. 

What makes it more comfortable is, it has three rows and 19 cup holders. Drinking your favorite cup of coffee or juice makes you enjoy your road trip more. Therefore, having a cup holder lessens the hassle of securing your cup or bottle.

Tesla Model S
This car is for drivers who do not want to exert much effort while driving. It is good for long road trips because you will have fewer stopovers in gas stations, giving you more opportunity to do stopovers on viewpoints, cafes, and restaurants. It can go for 10 hours straight. Therefore, it is also admirable for its supercharging and autopilot features that make the work of the driver more convenient. When you easily get tired when driving, cars like Tesla will be a fit for you. It will not use much of your energy, and it will give you a blissful road trip experience.

Toyota Prius
The Toyota Prius is an iconic car for travelers who love road trips.  It has a comfortable and convenient design specially made for people who are not into luxurious cars for a road trip. It is fuel-efficient with 52 mpg mileage that can go for 600 miles.  Having a car that does not consume a lot of gas can help save more money and have an additional source of money for your road trip. When it comes to safety, it has front and back cameras, automatic braking, blind-spot monitoring, lane departure alerts, and more that make it desirable for road trips.

Nissan Rogue Hybrid
The Nissan Rogue Hybrid is the most advisable car for first-time drivers who desire to go on a road trip. It is well-known for its outstanding SafetyShield technology, which will keep you safe from any type of collision.  Moreover, it is also a desirable car because of its spacious interior design that will make you enjoy your road trip.

Classic Volkswagen Camper Van
Experiencing a road trip with the Classic Volkswagen Camper Van is a dream come true. It is one of the highly used recreational vehicles. It is designed for overnights with features that will let you enjoy your camping at the beach or forest. Some of its features are folding table, water storage/pump, electrical hookup, curtains or blinds, and a cold box. To have these important things in a car is what makes the Classic Volkswagen Camper Van valuable and iconic.

Lincoln Navigator Black Label
Using the Lincoln Navigator Black Label for a road is like bring your house with you. It has everything that you need. Using this car gives the same comfort as your home. It has many features that apply to a road with family and friends. Passengers will not experience boredom with this car. Some of the features that you will love are 30-way adjustable heating and cooling leather massage seats, a Wi-Fi hot spot, espresso maker, 24-setting washer, and recliner. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk
Road trips in the desert and snow require a four-wheel-drive vehicle. The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is the car that will suit this type of road trip. It has high ground clearance, 707 horsepower, competent wheels, and more. It is ultimately more powerful compared to other SUVs. 

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid
The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is a road car for families. Its outstanding feature is its ability to keep your passengers entertained; that’s ideal for kids.  It has a Uconnect theater where kids can watch and play games against each other. 

Discomfort is the number one enemy of travelers, but this car will give you comfort during the trip with its wide space for luggage, head, legs, and more. It also included the top list of the safest cars. It has rear park assist, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, trailer-sway control, and more.

1965 Ford Mustang Convertible
If you want to feel nature in your face and feel nostalgic as you hit the open road, the 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible is perfect for you. Driving this car has been a dream among a lot of individuals. It may not have the latest upgrades cars have now, but reading the map during a stopover to check your progress is challenging and fun.  Playing 6os to 80s music also adds to the beautiful memory. 

Ford Ranger
Road trips are perfect for getaways to the beach, desert, snow, forest, and any place you desire. Going off-road for an adventure is the best way to spend your road trip. When going on an adventure, you need the perfect adventure gear. Manufacturers for adventure enthusiasts from the Front Runner recommend the use of quality products like water tanks, tents, awnings, and more for outdoor activities. These gears can be carried by a well-built car. The Ford Ranger is the finest car for it because its design and manufacturing are for off-road road trips. 

EarthRoamer XV-HD
The EarthRoamer XV-HD is the matchless car that is well-suited for adventurous road trips. It can go anywhere with its powerful wheels and built. The build of it will keep you safe wherever you are planning to go. It is also tough, big, and luxurious.  It is like a simple home that has everything you need. 

Hyundai Genesis
If you are looking for an affordable car with superb and luxurious features, the Hyundai Genesis is what you are looking for. It has a spacious interior having enough leg space, comfortable seats with heater and back support for a long trip, and a spacious trunk. It is also for any weather. 

Chevrolet Suburban
The Chevrolet Suburban is for large families. It can accommodate a large number of passengers and luggage. It has a rear-seat entertainment option that will keep kids entertained. When kids are entertained on a trip, there are lesser or no tantrums which are beneficial to parents. It also has wifi that will help you locate where you are or look for nearby restaurants or stopovers. 

Ram 1500 EcoDiesel
To have an unforgettable road trip experience, choosing the right vehicle is important. It is a part of planning for a road trip. The Ram 1500 EcoDiesel is a car that will suit your plan. It can bring you wherever you like. It can also carry anything like bikes, skateboards, and anything with its 5,200-pound towing capacity. Being able to bring big toys will make you enjoy more.

The following shows that there are many options for cars when you go on a road trip. Some are designed for short or long road trips. The different features of the car show that you can do a lot with your car when you're on a road trip. Therefore, it is an important factor that will let you enjoy and make memorable experiences. If you are going on a road trip, it is important to research the car you plan to use.