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Key items you need for your flight

Here are just a few key items that can really help to improve your experience on your next long-haul flight.

Heading on holiday or have an overseas work trip planned soon? Flying long-haul does not have to be a difficult or stressful experience, with a little extra preparation you can ensure that you have everything you need for a relaxing and comfortable flight.

Here are just a few key items that can really help to improve your experience on your next long-haul flight:

Noise cancelling headphones
If you fly regularly then it is worth investing in a decent pair of noise cancelling headphones, either wired or wireless depending on your budget and preference. With hundreds of travellers packed into a compact space, including babies and young children, noise is unavoidable.

However, these headphones can help reduce the volume of everything going on around you. Sony, Bose and Beats are all high quality brands to look for, try to read some product reviews to compare models before you buy.

Air travel can be tedious and time can seem to go really slowly when sitting in your seat on a flight. It is important to bring along a few things to distract you and help pass the time. If you like to read, this could be a new book, a kindle or a couple of magazines.

For gaming, be sure to pack your Nintendo Switch or another handheld console. If your flight has wifi, you can even play some slot and casino games such as those on Virgin Games. For flights without wifi, it’s a good idea to download some games onto your phone that don’t require internet before you set off.

Remember to ensure your devices have plenty of charge before heading to the airport!

Travel pillow
On a long-haul flight, you will most likely want to take a nap at some point. Space is limited and so getting into a comfortable position is difficult, however a travel pillow can help keep you comfy and avoid getting a sore neck.

A travel pillow that can clip onto your rucksack or cabin suitcase is extra handy for saving space. If you struggle to get to sleep, a travel pillow set that includes an eye mask is something to look out for.

You can usually purchase these in the airport if you forget to do so in advance.

Blanket or scarf
It tends to get a little chilly in the air so bringing a small blanket can help keep you warm and cosy. If you are struggling for space in your carry-on luggage, consider bringing a large scarf or even a blanket cape style jacket that you can wear through the airport.

If you are travelling first class or business class, you might find that a blanket will be given to you on your flight.

Hand sanitiser
Flights are full of germs and are an easy place to pick up a cold. A small bottle of hand sanitiser is recommended for good hygiene on your flight, have this handy so you can use it regularly and before eating.

Alternatively, anti-bacterial wipes are handy to keep in your bag, you can use these to wipe down your arm rests and tray table when you first sit down.

After many hours of travel you want to feel fresh, have a toothbrush and toothpaste packed in your carry-on luggage to us on or after your flight. This is also good to have on you in case your suitcase containing your toiletries is lost or delayed when you land.

Portable charger
Portable chargers are always handy to have when travelling, you do not know when you will next have access to a plug socket to charge or phone or other devices. Be sure to check with your airline about what batteries are permitted on the flight and whether they can be used while in the air, as you might find different airlines have different policies on this.

Change of clothing
Do not forget to put a spare outfit or two in your carry-on luggage as you may want to get changed after a long flight. Also, you wouldn’t want to be without fresh clothes if your suitcase gets lost.

If you are struggling for space in your bag, choose lightweight clothes such as a cotton shirt and some joggers. Underwear, socks and even a spare pair of shoes are good to include in this.

Essential medications
Lastly, it is important that you keep your essential medication with you rather than putting them in your suitcase in the hold. This could include regular prescribed medicine, epi pens for allergies or asthma inhalers.

You might need to show a doctor’s note or prescription to be permitted to take these on the flight, so check with your airline in advance if you aren’t sure what their policy is.