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List of jobs that will allow you to travel

Below are some suggestions on ideas for making the most of each moment, adapting to the new global landscape while still maximizing the opportunities for never before done experiences.

In the last few years, it has often felt as though life has changed, and the scope for exploring the planet is not the same as it was before. This can be a double-edged sword, though. On the one hand, hearing worrying developments every day could lead even the most bubbly and optimistic to start perceiving the glass as half-empty. On the other hand, it presents an opportunity to “Carpe Diem”, or in English, seize the day. Below are some suggestions on ideas for making the most of each moment, adapting to the new global landscape while still maximizing the opportunities for never before done experiences.

Teaching English online
What better place to start than by considering the possibility of working and traveling, without even leaving the apartment or house? Teaching English online has never been more in demand. As the global lingua franca, a means of communication in both a business and cultural context places this right at the top of many learners’ lists. While there are many unknowns about the ins and outs of teaching English online for the layperson, there are luckily lots of resources on hand to find out how much one might expect to bring home at the end of a working day, week, or month. More on teach English online salaries details can be learned here.

There are benefits galore to this approach. First and foremost, it is much easier to follow any updated travel restrictions and guidelines, and working from home means there is less chance of a sudden lockdown impacting the revenue stream. Secondly, it allows an English teacher to reach students from across the globe, all the while traveling and exploring foreign cultures and traditions. Thirdly, it enables more flexible working hours, which is ideal for those who either happen to be early birds or night owls. In other words, the timetable is malleable enough to work around anyone’s tastes. 

Tour guide
While being a tour guide might not be the first idea of a job that comes to mind, it is one that can be extremely rewarding and unique. In some places, it might seem as though this is more of a challenge than others, due in part to the geography of the city. For instance, San Francisco has many hills and may provide more of a workout than a flatter town, such as London. Also, it could also depend on the weather that day, with tourists much more inclined to take a pleasant meander through a place if the sun is shining, than they would take a saunter in a sudden deluge.

Having said there are myriad opportunities for the amateur and connoisseur alike to make hay with this relatively straightforward role. For beginners, there is the possibility of inducing customers with the offer of a free tour, allowing fellow walkers to pay what they wish at the end. This may seem counterintuitive, but oftentimes this actually encourages strollers to part with more cash than they had originally intended if the tour is entertaining enough. Added to this fact is the notion that once the tour guide has mastered a particular route, and the necessary pattern to go alongside it, it could easily become the gift that keeps giving. Couple these with the chance to meet new people every day, and it is certainly a job abroad that has its own appeal and charm.

Teaching in person
By the same logic that sports fans swear by being in the stadium to cheer on their favorite team, many aver that teaching abroad is something that simply must be done in the classroom. Undoubtedly, the online growth of teaching English has altered the dynamic of this viewpoint in recent times, but the point remains true for several – getting into the classroom is the ultimate high for those English teachers.

Initially, the transition can be tough, and there are certainly tough moments, but the upsides are absolutely worth consideration. First up, the way in which students learn and develop right in front of a teacher’s eyes is worth more than words can say for education addicts, who do not seem to be able to get enough of that improvement and those “Eureka” moments. On top of that, there is a buzz in an in-person class, akin to the feeling at a live concert, where the electricity in the air after a great lesson (or set) seems to permeate the whole place.

Furthermore, there is a level of job security in teaching at a school or university that some online positions do not offer. It might feel boring to have that safety, but it does keep the money coming in for rent and bills, and that stability ought to be priceless when living and working thousands of miles away from friends and family. 

Hotel staff
Last but by no means least, is the chance to work at a hotel, especially during the busy tourist seasons. The great thing about this is the opportunity to alternate summer with winter, especially with the way in which it is possible to recharge the batteries in between. When the summer season is in vogue, places such as Spain really do appeal to holidaymakers, many of whom crave the home comforts of being able to communicate in English, just with better weather. Add that to the sun, sea, and sand so often cited by Club 18-30 generation folk, and there are all the ingredients to combine work with leisure time, clocking off from a hard shift to sunbathe on the beach.

On the other side of the year, the ski season opens up many chances for English speakers to live and work in another country. Obviously the Alps are well known across the world for their resorts, but these are often saturated already with experienced and qualified applicants. An interesting alternative might be to consider Quebec, as the primary language in this province is French. Not only that, but the relatively high dollar salary of this profession in this region, allied to the minimal expenses that come with working in this sector, make this an appealing option for both experience and the wallet.

Photo by Bernie Almanzar on Unsplash