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Meet solar energy wherever you travel

Most of the hotels do not have solutions for periodically happening blackouts. Indeed, replacing fossil fuel energy with solar energy is the resolution. Installing a solar panel system in a hotel will solve the problem of Internet connectivity during the blackouts.

While traveling, permanent access to energy is a necessity. The thought of having a blackout in the hotel may cause discomfort. The image of not having access to the Internet or electrical equipment in the hotel or on the road may cause inconvenience. Whether you are on the road and need to charge your phone or you are in the hotel and need to use a hairdryer, the need for an inexhaustible energy source always exists.  

So, what is the solution for energy-related problems during travel?

You are right! Solar energy is the answer.

How can the problem of having blackouts in the hotel be solved through solar energy?

Today, everything hovers around the Internet and Social Media. People need 24/7 accessibility to WiFi because social life is in equilibrium with real life. They need to spend as much time online as they do offline. That is why people always look for hotels that have access to the Internet. However, most of the hotels do not have solutions for periodically happening blackouts. Indeed, replacing fossil fuel energy with solar energy is the resolution. Installing a solar panel system in a hotel will solve the problem of Internet connectivity during the blackouts. As hotels do not get away with overall energy maintenance throughout a year, solar panel kits may be used. From the point of view of the hotel, the installation may seem costly. However, companies like LA Solar Group provide solar panel kits for home. With these kits, a hotel can install a solar panel system and save money. Moreover, hotels can be promoted by advertising solar panel systems as an essential and usual source of energy. From the customer’s point of view, knowing that the hotel is assisted with a solar panel system guarantees a stress-free travel experience. With a solar panel system installation, hotels save money, attract customers, and get promoted, while customers enjoy their visit. 

How can the problem of energy inaccessibility during road trips be solved through solar energy?

Phones, laptops, and alike electric devices complement people’s lifestyles. People use them everyday and everywhere. Surely, these devices are constantly being used during on-the-road travels. However, most of the time, the absence of access to charging devices on-the-road emerges. The fact of such problems make travel experiences stressful and wasted. Here storage batteries come to help you! Solar energy companies, such as LA Solar Group, provide storage batteries, like the Tesla Powerwall battery. It stores solar energy and gives you the opportunity to access it whenever and wherever you need it. Imagine that you have the desire to capture the mesmerizing sunset while driving in the car, but you can’t because of the low battery on your phone. Isn’t it stressful to miss the shot? Maybe the colorful, subtle, beautiful sunset will never occur ever again. Stressful? I agree. Now, imagine the same situation, but with a storage battery at your disposal. Easy! Take out the storage battery, make sure your phone is being charged, and take that picture of the sunset that may never occur again. How cool, right? Turns out that a storage battery is a stress relief for the road trip!

What about electric vehicles during on-the-road travel?

Good question! You own an electric vehicle and want to have a road trip. Still, you are tired of searching for solutions for how to charge electric vehicles on the road? Solar energy is on its way to help you! Have you heard about EV chargers? These are electric vehicle chargers that function with solar energy. Yes, even in the case of charging your car, you can go solar! Let me draw your attention to the opportunities you have with the EV chargers. 

  • First, solar companies like LA Solar Group provide customers with the choice to buy home EV chargers. By purchasing home EV chargers, you have the opportunity to charge your vehicle overnight and have a fully-powered electric vehicle for your road trip. 
  • Second, the same solar company, LA Solar Group, sells EV chargers to EV charging stations. Yes! EV charging stations exist, and they can help you if you run out of energy during on-the-road travel. 

That is, you own a home EV charger, then you take care of your electric vehicle overnight, and here you go, no energy problems on the road. If you do not own home EV charger, EV charging stations are accessible everywhere. Find them and use them to your advantage. 

Well, hotel blackouts, charging problems with electric devices and electric vehicles during road trips. At first glance, these are insoluble problems. Look at them for the second time. What can solve these problems for good? Of course, solar energy. For hotel blackouts, solar panel system installation is key to the 24/7 Internet connection and customer base expansion. For charging problems with electric devices during road trips, storage batteries like the Tesla Powerwall battery are life-savers. With them, you can charge your electric devices whenever and wherever you want. For charging issues with electric vehicles during road trips, home EV chargers or EV charging stations are there to help. Purchase your home EV charger and charge your electric vehicle before going on a road trip. Alternatively, take your electric vehicle to the EV charging station, and here we go, you are ready for the road trip.

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