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Reasons to visit New Zealand

The reason to visit New Zealand lies in the beauty of its tourism endpoints. In this blog, we will highlight all the places that behold the astonishing natural beauty and is paramount for the discoveries and exploration.

New Zealand is considered one of the most beautiful destinations in the world for tourism. The charm of New Zealand attracts people all over the world. It is comprised of almost all the places that a country needs to be called as a famous tourism motherland. It has all the remarkable landscapes and breath-taking sceneries. The pleasure of the peaceful and magnificent scenery of the coastal areas and forests makes a perfect approach for the exploration of natural wonders.

New Zealand is a destination that is incredibly attractive for the discoveries as it consists of two leading islands as well as beautiful landscapes. The supreme blend of peaks, lush greenery, glaciers, and lakes makes the island country an eye-catching state for the tourist across the globe. However, when touring around New Zealand, do not neglect its energetic cities and striking natural landmarks.

New Zealand is considered as one of the favorite destinations in the world. The high mountains of New Zealand are covered with snow, the prehistoric glaciers and undulating hills make this destination like no other. Situated in the junction of the world, this country needs planning for the visitors as the flights here are quite costly. After all, the country itself is not that inexpensive in the beauty that it holds.

However, New Zealand is a country that is worthy of every single penny spent to visit it. Many tourism agencies provide excellent convenience and discounted packages of the trip to the tourist who wishes to visit New Zealand. The reason to visit New Zealand lies in the beauty of its tourism endpoints. In this blog, we will highlight all the places that behold the astonishing natural beauty and is paramount for the discoveries and exploration.

Breath-taking glaciers
New Zealand is blessed with magnificent and jaw-dropping glaciers. Most of the glaciers are positioned near the partition of the Southern Alps in South Island. The two most well-known glaciers of New Zealand, namely Fox and Franz Josef, is situated at the South Island’s West Coast. Best exploration would be of Scenic flights Franz Josef, the glaciers of this country that will leave you excited and astonished. It is located down the Southern Alps and stream to the sea level. Fox Glacier was named after the Prime Minister of New Zealand in 1869. Franz glacier is almost 30 minutes of drive away from the village near the fox glacier.

The mightiest glacier of New Zealand called Tasman Glacier, located underneath the highest peak– Mount Cook, is  27 kilometers long and occupies the area of 101 The exploration of Tasman Glacier through boats which run from the terminal lake, rising from the glacier. It is a fascinating experience when icebergs of unbelievable formations come close in contact.

An hour from Wanaka, a giant droopy glacier, is tracked down, named Rob Roy Glacier. Wanaka is a National Park in New Zealand. Rob Roy's peak is almost 2606 meters, this ever-enlarging mountainside snug into the valley named after the glacier.  

New Zealand has approximately 3144 glaciers. To experience these majestic glaciers, there are many opportunities via helicopters. However, the most thrilling and picturesque experience is a hike way. Exploration of the glorious river of ice is once in a lifetime kind of experience, which you will never forget.

Attractive beaches
New Zealand holds a wide variety in terms of beaches. The coastal area of approx. 15000km makes it harder to understand where to end the list of splendid beaches of New Zealand. The uniqueness of the beaches is identified due to the rocky formations, surf breaks, and solely because of being clean and tidy. There are more than 22 beaches in New Zealand. Everyone who visits any of these left with one favorite shoreline. The white and golden sand of some of the beaches makes it exceptionally appealing in the eyes of visitors.

Cathedral Cove is a beautifying rocky formation beach located in the north island of Coromandel, as well as another beach, known as hot water beach, is matchless because of the hot water running at low tide under the sand, where you can dig your pool. Ninety miles beach is located in Northland, and it has a lot to offer according to its size; moreover, it is a registered highway due to which it is adopted for long drives. On the north island of Auckland, a beach known as Mission bay is located, which is gifted with a wonderful view. Abel Tasman, South Island is blessed with several enormously stunning beaches, namely, torrent bay, Sand-fly bay, Med lands Beach, Awaroa Inlet, and lastly, Bark Bay. Many more beaches are located in the north and south island of New Zealand, all of which grasps over its uniqueness and beauty;

• Onetangi Beach
• Piha Beach
• Ngarunui Beach
• Waimarama Beach
• Matai Bay
• Okiwi Bay
• Dead Man Beach
• Bathing Beach
• Ohope Beach
• Moeraki Beach
• Wharariki Beach
• Mt Maunganui Beach
• Wainui Beach

Naturally maintained National Park
The 13 national parks of New Zealand display more than 30000 of diversity in natural scenery all set to explore via boat, foot, car, or air. There are all types of National Parks in New Zealand as well as regional parks for the amusement. Therefore, when you spend your time in the national parks of New Zealand, you would come across to recognize the soul of this place. The treasure lies in these national parks that preserve the heritage, timberland, wildlife, and sceneries, which was there before the influx of population.

The lush greenery portrays the vastness of exquisiteness in New Zealand. The journey to greet these naturally maintained national parks is as lovely as it looks in the pictures. The country seriously commits to manifest the profound beauty of the national parks. The scenically gifted country flatter in every possible manner to aid you in acquiring the finest experience of discovering and sightseeing these national parks, which are enchantingly beautiful. Here is the list of New Zealand’s stunning national parks that you do not want to miss out on.

• Tongariro National Park
• Mount Aspiring National Park
• Egmont National Park
• Abel Tasman National Park
• Arthurs Pass National Park
• Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park
• Kahurangi National Park
• Paparoa National Park
• Fiordland National Park
• Nelson Lakes National Park
• Rakiura National Park
• Whanganui National Park
• Westland Tai Poutini National Park
• Te Urewera National Park

Te Urewera National Park is often not considered in the list of New Zealand’s natural parks; however, it is the largest natural park located on North Island. It covers a large area of remote bushes, forestry, and lakes. However, a portion of this part is unapproachable, which makes it a naturally preserved national park for the native wildlife and other animals. Although most of this park could not be visited, you can enjoy the opportunity to spot native plants through the boat route.

Historic churches of New Zealand
New Zealand’s history lies in the founding of more than 20 churches. These churches behold a special position in the history of this country. The architecture of these churches is remarkably unbelievable.

• Church of Good Shepherd
• Church of Otage
• Christ Church
• Old St. Paul’s Church
• Cardboard Cathedral Church
• St. Patrick and St. Joseph Cathedral Church
• St. Michael’s Anglican Church
• St. Mary’s Church
• St. Patrick’s Basilica
• Rangiatea Church

Immensely beautiful lakes
Whether you are a nature lover or a peace seeker, New Zealand's peaceful lakes leave you alone. Be sure to check them out while traveling to New Zealand. When you celebrate your eyes on a lake in New Zealand, it is truly an amazing experience. It sounds like an exaggeration, but if you stand on the shore of New Zealand's 3820 Lake, you will certainly understand it. In fact, New Zealand is full of exciting lakes, and you can see many sights during your backpacking trips. Admire the glacial melting lakes of Taiwan, some of the clearer lakes, and the clear reflections of the mirror lakes, so before you grasp over all the lakes, take a look at some of these charming lakes to dream.

• Emerald Lake
• Lake Quill
• Lake Taupo
• Lake Matheson
• Lake Tekapo
• Blue Lake
• Lake Mapourika
• Lake Wanaka
• Lake Rotorua
• Lake Wakatipu
• Lake Hawea
• Lake Rotoiti
• Lake Pukaiki
• Lake Alexandrina
• Lake Waikaremoana
• Kai Iwi Lakes
• Lake Rotopounamu
• Tasman Glacier Lake
• Lake Hauroko
• Lake Te Anau
• Lake Brunner

New Zealand has everything that a country needs as a tourist nation. New Zealand is a sovereign island nation of the South Pacific. The country has two main Islands – the North Island and the South Island – and about 600 smaller islands. It has a total area of 268,000 square kilometers. The country is considered to be an internationally leading maritime destination. Tourism New Zealand is New Zealand's official tourism agency and actively promotes New Zealand as a global tourist destination. Traveling to New Zealand involves a boundless vacation choice. Whatever your inspiration, taste, or budget, New Zealand offers countless outdoor adventures, amazing sights, and fun activities. It is truly a holiday destination that anyone would not think of missing out.